How to Find Someone on Tinder

Swiping right and finding a match isn’t just standard English lexicon anymore, courtesy of Tinder. The app is constantly tweaking its equation and adding new features in order to provide the best experience possible for its users. Whether you’re looking for long-term relationships or casual dating, it’s impossible to dethrone Tinder in this regard. All you have to do is to make a profile, throw some photos, write a few lines, and, yes, empower this app with your dating life.

find someone on tinder

There’s a decent possibility you’ve already gone through this dating app. The application is meant to assist you in meeting new people. With only a quick flick on your screen, you’ll come across a diversity of faces. However, there are moments when we wish to discover that one person amid so many. That one face might be your child, who you assume has a profile on the app, or your partner, who you fear has a profile on the app even though you’ve only been dating for a short time. Or, you may want to look for someone you are crushing on, the list, my friend, is endless.

And, if that’s the case, we can tell you that swiping left and right isn’t going to help. So, what are our options in that situation? Various questions immediately spring to mind. How can we locate someone on Tinder? Is it possible to discover someone specific on this dating app, and if so, how? It’s really annoying to have that many questions with no concrete answers. But don’t stress, we’ll answer all of your questions right here in this blog.

Is it possible to discover someone specific on Tinder?

If you’re ready to go on a Tinder search rampage because you’ve just met the person of your dreams, you should definitely be looking up their Tinder profile first. But, If you’re wondering if Tinder allows you to do this, you might be discouraged. Unlike Facebook or even Instagram, Tinder does not offer a search option that you may use. 

The app does so to respect a person’s privacy, which is reasonable considering that not everyone wants to be spotted; fair? There is something you can do, though, since while the app does not have it, there are several tricks you can explore. And, you just need to have the right amount of patience to find people. 

How to Find Someone on Tinder

We understand your bewilderment entirely at this point. We made it perfectly clear that the app does not have a lookup capability. Therefore, you won’t be able to find someone on it. But now, we’ve dedicated an entire heading to assist you in your quest for someone utilizing the same technique that we dismissed. 

But, as you may be aware, there is a catch. And, to be clear, the Tinder search for someone feature only works if the person you’re looking for is already on your Tinder match list. That’s the type of search we’re talking about. How are we going to do this? Let’s discuss it for a bit.

Step 1: Launch your Tinder account and swipe over to the message icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Navigate the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Just type in the name of the person, and you will see that name gets filtered out amidst all the names present there.

Note that if the person’s name does not appear, that implies, either you are blocked, unmatched, or they have deleted their profile.

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