How to Find Someone on Tinder

The traditional days of arranging a meeting with the person whom your family has selected for you have been lessened. After that such matrimony websites came that showed the person in detail you are looking for. Currently, dating apps are posing some exciting prospects. Apps such as Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and many such apps are used that finds a match for you!

find someone on tinder

Amongst such apps, Tinder had millions of users; that has a good reputation more than just as Hook-up apps. All ages people are found here, that finds love as well as gets married. This app is designed to meet new people, but are you looking for some particular one?

Well, finding on Tinder isn’t an easy task. There are many methods in which you do a trial-based survey but not a full-proof method. There are many third-party apps that help you whether the specific person is on Tinder or no. Tinder made cheating easy with dating.

The number of attached, committed or married people is more on Tinder rather than singles! Read our articles to know several methods and apps which helps you to find someone on Tinder.

There are many reasons to search for someone on Tinder whether they want to hook up or catch someone cheating them. From the active users, some profile cards are selected by the listed criteria. The profile that won’t reply or swipe back is not shown by the algorithm.

How to Find Someone on Tinder

  • Go to your personal profile tab.
  • Now select the setting icon and then select preferences.
  • Your age range, area, the location should be narrowed to get the person you are seeking.

There are searches that are focused on your location:

Tinder also allows you to get connected to people of a specific location. But, it only shows the location when you are using the app. If it is closed or not used you cannot search the profile’s location.

For that, you can set your location and by decreasing the search radius, the distance is decreased and if you move right the distance is increased. You can even change the location via specific apps that allow your phone to change its GPS location.

A search focused on your age:

You can search by narrowing your age to meet the person of the same age criteria. You can select the age criteria beneath the location slider. To find the match you’re looking for, switch the lever to the right. After selecting the preference select done on the top-right corner. If the person hasn’t swiped you back, it is probably your turn to talk to them.

Username as a search term:

It has been easier now on Tinder to find someone by using its advantages. It has a unique feature that makes its users choose its own URL. URL is a digital proof that shows the person you are in search of. This URL is also used on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hence, if they are pretending to be someone else on Tinder, you might end finding out them. If you know the person’s username you can find it on any of the social media platforms and make your work easy!

Trying to find a phone number:

People Search Services, rather than Tinder, may be used to locate an individual. You can use services such as Social CatFish- Tinger search bar and insert a phone number to verify the profile. Radaris is also a search bar that reveals a person’s personal details and allows the user for a reverse look-up.

Verifying through a phone number cannot directly show you the Tinder profile but they can connect to social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that shows the detail of person using Tinder. Only if the person uses the same phone number given to you on social media apps.

Using Facebook to Search:

There are many fake ID’s on Facebook that even can’t reviled that is it the same person who is on Tinder itself. There are even many tools to verify them such as TopRomp that uses to search profiles via Facebook Social Graph Functionally. Your Facebook account isn’t hacked by TopRomp as it isn’t connected to Tinder while if you want to search you can via the Tinder app directly. You can even search on Facebook via Tinder URL.

Search via Third-Party Tools:

Many tools help you to search Tinder profile some are paid while others are unpaid. The paid services are expensive as well you may only get a few attempts to find the Tinder profile and if you miss finding them, you may have to get paid or end up searching.

It is always better to use such tools that search the profile by whatever information you are having whether its name, phone number or email id. The Spokeo Tool provides you with such unpaid searches while Catfish, Cheaterbuster have some paid charges whether in premium or gold.

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