How to Change Your Number When You Call Someone

Calling someone with a different number, other than with your personal number, can be necessary at times. Although, hiding your Called ID information is a facility that certain people like to use, but it is increasingly being barred by many mobile phone carriers.

change your number when you call someone

However, changing your number when you make a certain call will allow you to work around the Caller ID service. In this article, you will learn more about how you can do this.

How to Change Your Number When You Call Someone

There are primarily three methods to change your number when making a call. First, is to use a third party app; second, use Google Voice and third, use disposable SIMs.

Using third party applications

There are several third-party applications that will let you change your number when you are making a call. These apps have both paid and non-paid versions. You can register yourself on such websites and generate alternate phone numbers when you make certain calls. There are free applications that provide you a chance to change your number for making calls to a limited set of phone numbers. The procedure requires you to register yourself on the website, then enter the phone number that you wish to call along with the number that you would want to be shown on the caller ID. The call will be made either through your landline or your mobile phone, it can also be made through your web browser. You may use different numbers to make the calls.

Google Voice

Google Voice is most obviously the first choice for people who want to change their numbers for specific calls. Google Voice offers a web-based phone number without charging you anything. Google also offers you this service for both mobile and desktop platforms and regularly updates their services. Google Voice will let you use a secondary number that can forward your calls to your main number. You can also customize your Google Voice number to match your area code.

Disposable SIMs

In case you need to make a call only once to certain numbers or call them for a specific period of time, then you may consider using disposable SIMs. The disposable numbers are a great option for people who only wish to change their phone numbers for some particular purpose. You may choose to call up a business venture or any individual, and then after having the conversation, hang up and be done with it. You will then toss your SIM away which would leave the other person with no way to reach you ever again.

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