How to Find Out Who Created an Instagram Account

Instagram offers an exciting range of location-tracking functions that are designed to help people track the location where the photo was captured. It also has options that tell you who took the photo. While there are many advanced features available for people who want to track the details of people that captured the photo and the location where the shot was captured, it doesn’t show you who created the account.

who created instagram account

What’s the first thing you do when you come across an Instagram account? Suppose an Instagram user sent you a follow request. So, you will definitely want to view their profile to get a better idea of whether the account is fake or original.

Many people create fake Instagram accounts just to stalk their ex, track the activities of other people, and more. Fortunately, it is easier to track a fake profile. All you have to do is check their profile, click on the follower list, check their posts and profile pictures. There are also a few Instagram fake ID finder apps that allow you to track fake IDs easily. Then again, these apps only disclose whether or not the account is real. You can’t expect information about the users who created the particular account.

Let’s take a look at a few effective tips for tracking the creator of the Instagram account.

How to Find Out Who Created an Instagram Account

1. Use a Third-party Application

The third-party tool is the first thing that crosses our minds when we think about fake accounts. To find a fake account, all you need to do is find the best third-party application, enter the username of the account that looks fake, and let the app track the real user.

However, the process is not as simple as it seems. It may seem easy, but tracking the real user of the Instagram account requires a little research. Besides, you will need access to their emails and contact details to know who created the account and if the person is real.

2. Track the User by IP Address

If you are wondering how people track Instagram accounts, then it’s by clicking on the location tracking URLs. Basically, it reveals the IP address of the user, making it easier for you to track down the person. So far, it is the only possible way you can track the real user that’s running an Instagram account.

You have to sign up for the IP-grabbing tool, create a customized URL, start a conversation with the target user, and send them the link. You need to do it smartly so that the person doesn’t suspect any unusual activity on your account. As soon as the person clicks on this URL, their IP address will be recorded on the IP grabbing website.

3. Ask The Owner

Sometimes, asking the user directly about who they are is the most straightforward way to get to know them. Fortunately, this method works for some. If you have got good and smart communication skills, you can track down this user easily. However, if the user has created a fake account, there is a very high chance they will not want to give away their identity to a stranger.

4. Check Their Profile

The first step to finding who created an account is by checking their following and followers list. As mentioned above, fake Instagram accounts are likely to follow tons of people. They will have a large following and a few followers. In addition to that, it is quite obvious to detect a fake profile as fake Instagrammers tend to put a fake profile picture and their following and followers are also fake.


So, these were the steps for finding a fake account and tracking down the real use of an Instagram account. Follow the above tips to know who created an Instagram profile and the details of the real user.

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