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IP Tracker 2020: This is a complete guide on how to track IP address of any user online for free using IP Address Tracker by iStaunch.

In fact,

These are the same strategies you can use to get real-time location, GPS, region, city, and country.

The IP address refers to the Internet Protocol number that is assigned to all the devices that connect to the internet.

Every router, computer, the smartphone has a unique IP address that could be used for tracking their current location and the network they are using to connect to the internet.

An IP address can be private and public. The public addresses are the one displayed to the third-party applications when a user connects to the Internet. A private address, on the other hand, remains hidden.

So if you want to track IP address online then you will love this tool.

Just check it out.

IP Address Tracker

The IP Address Tracker by iStaunch is a free IP Address Tracker tool that will track IP address including real-time location, latitude, longitude, and country.

To use this IP Tracker tool, please type IP into the text box below, and then click on the Trace button.

IP Address Tracker

Know Your IP Address What Is My IP

What is IP Tracker?

As the name implies, the IP address tracker is used to track IP address of a device. It is especially done to gather the address, contact details, and personal information of the particular user.

Most investigators and government officials track the IP address of the device to know its current location and the user details.

ip address tracker

Our tool is compatible with all devices including iOS and Android. Do you know websites need access to the IP address of the devices to know their buying patterns and previous purchases?

Well, that is how they are able to offer personalized services to each user. Using our tool, you can find the following information:

  • The people visiting your website
  • What keeps up your visitors’ engagement with your website?
  • What is your current IP address and when does it change?
  • The popularity of your website on the search engines and the source of traffic.
  • What device do most of your visitors use?
  • How do people get to your website?
  • The amount of time your visitors spend on your blogs
  • The number of visitors you generate from different countries
  • Are your online advertising campaigns attracting your target audience?

These were only a few examples. The tool is capable of tracking the Internet protocol address of all devices that visit your website.

This is a solely website-based tracking tool that doesn’t breach any security law. It doesn’t send scam codes to the users to determine their location.

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