How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Messenger

In the modern world that we are currently living in, Social media has been playing a vital part in our everyday lives. A lot of people are constantly checking the feeds daily on social media and keep making a post for the profiles. Because of this social media is becoming a huge and critical tool for all of the social interactions as well as a means for advertisements and promotions for businesses.

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Most cases also require finding an IP address of the other person, and the reason can be inappropriate behavior or business utilizations over Facebook. It can be true that people had tried infecting your browser through a virus or sending you constant spam messages over Messenger.

Alternatively, there can be a breach of contract because of it for your business as someone tried to sabotage the business Facebook page you had. Whatever might have been the reason, you might need to report this or try and get an IP block so that you aren’t facing such issues any longer.

But for the most part, the public is making use of social media platforms for valid and legitimate usage. Unfortunately, the small percentage that makes spoilt interruptions can lead to various issues. There can be a situation where one needs tracking of IP address and this can be a sure way of finding another individual’s IP addresses.

In this article, we shall explain to you different and effective ways by which you can get the information of IP address on Messenger!

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Messenger

You can easily get IP address information without much effort from another user. Make use of specific Facebook Messenger vulnerabilities for this. Just keep on reading and follow the varied tips we provide in this blog.

Method 1: Location Sharing on Facebook

Here we have a much simpler approach for tracking the location of another user/friend and that’s location sharing. It is mainly a strategy for testing the persuasive or using a convincing tone while the target is sharing their locations. Keep reading on steps to achieve that!

Step 1: Navigate over Facebook Messenger, and initiate a new conversation with another user.

Step 2: Tailor your conversation through a persuasive tone and in a friendly manner. Make sure it’s entertaining and engaging.

Step 3: Meanwhile, click on three dots and the top of the messenger panel for clicking the option of location that appears.

Step 4: Share your location with them and entice them for sharing theirs as well.

Once the other user shares the location, you have completed your task! In case they don’t do that there will be a need for following the other methods that we mention!

Method 2: Using IP Grabbed for tracking IP address on Messenger

When we speak of tracking tool use, one will still have to lure the other person for clicking over the post you share. After this magic happens, sites like Grabify IP logger,, open tracker. All of these are experts when there is a need for finding the details on mining information.

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow through Grabify:

Step 1: Go on Facebook and make sure that the other person is also online at the time.

Step 2: Tap on the profile of that individual and begin sending them a message. Else you can also navigate through messenger and if you don’t have messenger on your phone yet, download it from the Play Store.

Step 3: Make sure that your friend gets hooked in talking to you, and position the chat in a way where they instantly click on the video or funny audio link that you share.

Step 4: Once the person taps over the link, identify the link that you need to share with them. It can be any type of file and you will also be sharing the videos from sites like Linkedin, Instagram, and Google URL.

Step 5: In case you feel like sharing a Facebook Post, you can also find the embedded choice once you are clicking over three dots on the post. Click on the embed option, then copy the URL of the post. If you had chosen the Facebook video, then tap over three dots for clicking the icon of ‘copy link’.

Step 6: Now switch the browser and then create another tab with Grabify.

Step 7: Access the Grabify tab and then paste your URL con and enter the valid URL or option of Tracking code that you see in the spacebar.

Step 8: Complete the step of CAPTCHA and condition terms that you see there.

Step 9: Now, wait for a few seconds till the system generates a URL, that you need to send to the target user over messenger. You also have the option of customizing the URL with a generic domain name, and in such a case, you need to tap on the ‘other link option’.

Step 10: Make use of this customized link and share it with the target user over messenger.

Step 11: Once they click on that URL, go over Grabify and then reload it. You will be able to see the IP address of that person in the result section.

Step 13: Now go back to the homepage and tap on the Grabify option of IP tracker codes. Now add the IP that you had got and wait for few seconds for results.

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