How to See Who Visited My Facebook Profile (Facebook Stalker Finder)

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile: With more than 2 billion active users, the only social networking site that has set itself apart from other similar platforms is Facebook. It started with being a reliable platform for college students in 2004 and paved its way to becoming a billion-dollar worth site that is accessible throughout the globe.

who viewed your facebook profile

However, there are certain restrictions in a few countries which have banned Facebook based on their laws and to maintain regulations. But other than that, Mark Zuckerberg created history in terms of technology through Facebook.

It lets you share special moments through photos, videos, thoughts, opinions, documents, and music with a massive audience. Not just the eventful moments, but it also allows users to post comments, chat with friends, go live, and much more.

The most favorite part of Facebook is the profile which you can modify based on your personal choice. Thus, Facebook, an excellent app, has made communication as smooth as butter.

But you must not forget the risk that comes along with every action, and most of which comes through the profile itself. The platform has improved its features and also added many benefits for the users so that they can limit their profile only to known and close people in order to avoid stalkers.

You have the power to control what you share, with whom you are sharing, who can view your content, who can contact you, and even who can comment on your posts.

But, still, people create fake profiles and can easily target genuine profiles to stalk them because this is a global platform. This is not just the problem on Facebook, but every other social media and networking site that has come across fake accounts.

So, you need to know whether you are being stalked by any user or have any user been lately visiting your profile too much. But how are you going to do that? Your immediate response should be to check who visited my Facebook profile.

And this brings us to a very common question: How to see who viewed your Facebook profile?

If you have the same question at heart, then you continue reading this article, we answer that question and also clear some of the myths surrounding this issue.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Unfortunately, there is no way for people to see who viewed your Facebook profile. Also, third-party apps and tools can’t provide any information about who viewed your Facebook profile according to a post from Facebook officials.

But don’t worry, here you can find different ways to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

Keep in mind that the result you will get may not be accurate, the result contains a list of people who are most connected to post likes, chat history, etc.

How to See Who Visited My Facebook Profile (Facebook Stalker Finder)

1. Manually See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

The source code method allows you to see the list of people who views your Facebook profile. The best part of this method is you don’t need any third-party app or tools to do that.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Facebook on the Chrome browser and log in to your account.
  • Go to your profile page by clicking on the profile pic.
  • Right-click on a blank place to reveal a menu. Then tap on the View page source or you can also press CTRL + U.
who viewed your facebook profile
  • You will be redirected to the source code page. For a non-programmer guy, this page will be super confusing.
who viewed your facebook profile
  • Press CTRL + F to open the search box and type “InitialChatFriendsList” without quotes.
  • After “InitialChatFriendsList,” you will see many numbers. These numbers are the profile IDs of people who viewed your profile.
who viewed your facebook profile
  • Copy numbers one by one, open a new tab and type id. Replace your copied number with the profile id.
  • For example: If the profile id is 100004652644837-2, then copy only 100004652644837, and the final profile URL will be
  • That’s it, visit this final profile URL, and you will see the person profile who visited your profile.

Actually, these numbers are the representation of the Facebook profile IDs who visited your profile within the past few days or minutes.

Yes, it is difficult to interpret. Thus, you need to copy the number, one at a time, and paste it next to….. (For example Now, as soon as you press the Enter key, you can view the exact profile of the person. But, to carry out this process, you must stay logged in to your account.

Furthermore, you will also find a number “-2” after each profile ID, while copying the number(only the first 15 digits) you need to avoid that. So, try it out and perform the action as many times as you want.

2. Flatbook Profile Visitor – See Who is Stalking Your Facebook Profile

If you are confused or not interested in the source code method, you can also use a Chrome extension. Also, keep in mind that this method only works with the Google Chrome browser.

  • Install the Flatbook extension from the Chrome web store.
  • Tap on the Add to chrome option and it will install in your browser.
who viewed your facebook profile
  • Log on to your Facebook account and tap on the Flatbook extension icon.
  • Select the Profile Visitors option and you can find the top 20 people who visited your profile.
who viewed your facebook profile

3. Tap on Who Viewed My Profile

In 2014, Facebook introduced a new feature called “Who Viewed My Profile?” that lets you see who visited your FB account in the last 30 days.

Update: Keep in mind that this feature is only available for the iPhone. Also, some reports show this feature is discontinued on 1st April 2020.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open the Facebook app and tap on the three-line icon at the top.
  • Select the Privacy Shortcuts.
  • Click on “Who Viewed My Profile?”.
  • You will see people who viewed your profile in the last 30 days.
who viewed your facebook profile

There are still rumors about whether it is still available for iOS app users or not because this feature was last updated on 1st April 2020. So, if you are an iOS user, the only way to find out whether the feature is still there or not, go to your profile and look for the feature.

However, if you don’t find it, then there is nothing to be disappointed about. You can use specific iOS apps such as “Social Fans”. You simply need to go to the iTunes store, look for the application and download it. Now, repeat the process mentioned earlier to view the visited profiles.

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