How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages 2021

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages: Facebook has become an essential social networking app for people who want to stay in touch with their families and friends based in different locations. No matter how far your friends are, you could easily connect to them through Facebook.

recover deleted facebook messages

All you need to do is sign up for the Facebook account, and you can talk to your loved ones and have some fun conversations with them anytime you want.

Most of us like to communicate with our loved ones through Facebook Messenger. Not only for the regular conversations, but Facebook has become the user’s favorite for all types of formal and informal communications these days.

The messages you share on Facebook can be super important, and some messages are so crucial that you can’t afford to lose or delete them no matter what. However, thousands of users delete messages accidentally and it’s quite common nowadays. The good news is you can get the deleted messages back on Facebook, but the process is a little complex.

It could be super challenging to recover the deleted Facebook messages. However, the advanced data recovery solution provided by Facebook is designed to help streamline the task.

If you are looking for the messages you have had with your friends and you deleted them, then you have come to the right place.

Here you can find complete guide on how to recover deleted Facebook messages on your Android and iPhone device.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

If you have deleted messages accidentally from Your Facebook, then know that there are many ways to recover those messages efficiently. The best part is Facebook does come with a Data Download feature that allows you to view and recover deleted messages in simple ways.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Facebook and log in to your account.
  • Tap on the downside arrow and select Settings & Privacy.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Next, select the Settings option.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Click on “Your Facebook Information” tab from the left panel.
recover deleted facebook messages
recover deleted facebook messages
  • You will be redirected to the “Download Your Information” page, from where you can download your account data. It includes every activity and data including posts, photos, videos, stories, and messages you’ve done on your Account since the time you’ve joined Facebook.
  • You can choose only messages if you want or you can choose as you like.
  • Select only the “Messages” option, or you can also select other options.
  • You can also choose the date range, file format, and media quality of your data.
  • After you select appropriate options, tap on the Create File button.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Next, a small pop-up message will appear, stating a copy of your information is being created, and you’ll be notified when your copy is complete.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • After 1-2 hours, your data will be available for download depending on the size. You will also receive a notification and mail on your registered email id.
  • Tap on the “Available copies” tab and click on download.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • For your security, you need re-enter your password to continue.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • That’s it, it will be automatically started downloading zip file containg your data on your device.
recover deleted facebook messages

Now you have a .zip file containing your deleted Facebook messages. But you might be wondering how you can see deleted messages from this file?

Don’t worry, i’ll help you.

How to View & Restore Deleted Facebook Messages

  • First, extract Facebook data .zip file using WinZip or other software.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Once file is extracted, you will get a new folder called messages.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Go to that folder and open the your_messages.html file.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Next, you can see deleted Facebook messages you have made from day one.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Keep in mind that this data is not available online. You can only see and download it.

Alternative Ways to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

1. Facebook Archive Messages

It’s better to take preventive measures to save your Facebook messages before accidentally got deleted. It will save you time and effort in recovering the deleted messages.

Archiving the messages is a wonderful way to prevent all kinds of future mishaps. Now, you can do it via the Facebook Messenger app or website, and the process is quite simple.

Here’s how you can archive Facebook messages.

  • Open Messenger and log in to your account.
  • Find and long press on the conversation you want to archive.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Tap on the Archive from the given option.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • There you go! The conversation archived successfully.
recover deleted facebook messages

You can unarchive the conversation anytime you want. As soon as the messages are archived, you don’t have to worry about the messages getting deleted from your phone. They will remain in the archive section.

For example, if you have accidentally archived an entire conversation, you can easily find and recover that conversation back anytime you want.

Here’s how you can find and recover archived Facebook messages on your Android or iPhone device.

  • Open Messenger tap on your profile icon.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Click on the Archived Chats option.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Long press the conversation you want to unarchive.
recover deleted facebook messages
  • Next, select the Unarchive to restore messages.
recover deleted facebook messages

2. Off The Internet Feature

The best part about Facebook Messenger for Android is that the app has a smart feature called “off the internet”. As the name suggests, it provides users with an option to get the deleted messages recovered on their smartphones using the phone’s internal memory.

A copy of these messages is stored on your device. You can check it out on ES Explorer. Here, you will find a list of all the deleted files and folders that you may want to re-install.

Open this app and head to the Android section. Here, you will find the “com.facebook.orca” section. Right below the Cache folder, you will see the “fb_temp” option where you can locate the deleted Facebook messages. To restore these messages easily, you can connect your Android phone to the desktop through a USB cable.

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