How to View Private Facebook Profiles in 2023

Facebook Private Profile Viewer: Facebook is everyone’s favorite in this age that we are living. It is one of the biggest social media platforms that the world has ever seen and is equally smart, smooth, and effective. This platform allows you can connect with new people and view their profiles as long as their profiles are not private.

view private facebook profile

Facebook has not only made connections fast and super-easy but today it also helps in conveying important messages via our statuses, news updates, market brands, building businesses, raising awareness campaigns, crowdfund causes, and more.

However, along with offering a range of services, Facebook has never let our security be compromised. Yes, in fact, with the growth of the platform the same assured us of an equally high layer of security with each update.

Apart from all other options, the platform also boasts of options to guard our profile picture and make our profile private so that no one can check us out if you don’t want them to.

You can’t see private Facebook profiles unless you are a friend of theirs. When you view private Facebook without being friends, you cannot access any user’s personal information except name and locked profile picture, in some cases, you cannot see a profile photo either.

This helps protect the user’s identity, data, and even mutual friends’ information. However, there is a way to view locked Facebook profile picture in high resolution using Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer by iStaunch.

Facebook has been under the lens of its privacy. Therefore, they have developed advanced technology to prevent privacy breaches. This is why all user information is kept private, and there are only a few workarounds for gaining access to the private profile.

However, on numerous occasions, we may feel the urge to view a certain private Facebook profile. Though we can view another profile easily if it is not private but if you want to view them, it might sound really challenging.

There are so many apps and websites available on the internet that claims to view private Facebook photos without being friends. But the reality is most of them are working and trying to access your personal information. So always use a trusted app or website to view private profiles.

In this guide, we will share some smart approaches that you can try and experiment with each of them to view private Facebook profiles for free.

We’ll narrow it down to them but first, let us check out the privacy of Facebook.

How to View Private Facebook Profiles

1. Facebook Private Profile Viewer by iStaunch

Facebook Private Profile Viewer by iStaunch is a free online tool that lets you view private Facebook profile online for free without human verification. All you have to do is enter the Facebook profile link or username and tap on submit. Next, you will see photos and videos of private Facebook profiles without being friends.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Facebook Private Profile Viewer by iStaunch on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Type the username or profile link whose private Facebook account you want to see.
  • Enter the captcha code for verification and tap on the submit button.
  • Next, you will see a private Facebook profile without being friends.

2. Becoming Fake Facebook Friend

The most straightforward way to view a private Facebook profile is to create a fake profile and befriend the user to gain access.

view private facebook profile

There are a few tricks when it comes to creating a fake profile, like using a profile picture of a friend or person of similar age, having a similar set of interests, mentioning the same hometown, school, business, etc. or any other information that can create a false bond.

The challenge of spotting a fake Facebook profile depends on how you use your account. If you are a private individual with a small number of friends, it is easy to notice the fake request. You can also control your settings to hide your friend list and restrict friend requests.

Basics of Facebook Privacy

Facebook claims to develop a robust privacy system, which follows a four-tier program where users can set their profile privacy levels according to their preference:

  • If you are friends with a particular individual, then you can opt to see anything you want on their profile, except the posts that they have chosen to not be seen by you.
  • Next, if you aren’t friends with someone but their profile is public, then you can opt to see almost everything on their profile.
  • Then, if you aren’t friends with someone and you find their profile is private, then you won’t be able to see anything except low resolution profile picture and name.
  • If you have block a person completely, then they would not be able to see anything at all on Facebook, even though you exist on the same platform.
view private facebook profile

Now, as we are talking about a private Facebook profile, here it is important to say that you should not be allowed to see much on the same.

In case a user blocks you, then regardless of what their privacy settings are, you won’t be able to find them. However, on the latter occasion, you may see their messages in Facebook Messenger along with a static “User” profile picture.

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