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Social media opened the door to many unprecedented opportunities that were unfathomable earlier. It has simplified communication beyond boundaries and distances and made us more connected to the rest of the world.

facebook private profile viewer

Truly, social media is one of the most powerful and effective advancements in the history of humankind. It has imparted to all of us a universal outlook and enabled us to open our hearts to each other unlike ever before.

As much as this opening up of possibilities is beneficial to everyone, it has also led to greater concerns over privacy on the internet. People want to protect their privacy at all costs, and rightly so.

After all, nobody wants to be the target of some unscrupulous spies peeping into your social media profiles, photos, and other info.

Social media platforms have strict privacy measures that help users protect their information from strangers.

Facebook’s Profile Locking feature is an excellent example of such privacy measures, as it prevents all strangers (non-friends) from viewing the complete profile of the locked user.

But not every stranger has bad intentions, right?

You might want to know about a Facebook user just out of curiosity, or perhaps you might want to clarify whether a user is the one you think them to be. There can be many such harmless reasons to want to view private Facebook profiles.

But the question is– is it even possible to view private profile on Facebook?

Let’s find that out.

Can You View Locked or Private Profiles on Facebook?

After reading about the Private Profile and Loacking feature, you might have got an idea about the seriousness of the measure.

Years ago, finding the loopholes in the social media giant was much easier, and you could often access private photos and videos with a bit of fidgeting with the links. Things have changed over the years, and Facebook has grown beyond those loopholes.

Officially, it is not possible to view private profiles on Facebook. Also, you can’t bypass the Profile Locking setting and other privacy settings so easily. In other words, you cannot just jump over the barrier and see the complete profile of a locked user. It is not possible to view someone’s locked profile without being friends with them.

However, there are some tools such as Facebook Private Profile Viewer by iStaunch let you view private Facebook profile without being friends and no human verification is required.

Facebook Private Profile Viewer

Facebook Private Profile Viewer by iStaunch is a free tool that lets people view private or locked profiles on Facebook without being friends. Enter the private Facebook account link in the given box and tap on View Private Facebook Profile. That’s it, next you will see their posts, photos and videos without being friends and no human verification is required.

Facebook Private Profile Viewer

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In the end

Privacy is integral to a safe and secure online presence, and we all want everyone else to respect our privacy. The Profile Locking feature on Facebook is a strict privacy measure that restricts sharing most of the Profile information with strangers.

If you want to gain access to the complete profile of a user who has locked their Facebook profile, you are fighting a losing battle. There is no way to “unlock” a locked Facebook profile using any trick. The most you can do is download the low-quality profile and cover photos of the person using the method mentioned above. Or you can also gain see their selected posts shared in public groups.

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