How to Track Location of Someone’s Facebook Account

Tracking someone’s address and current location is no longer a challenging task. In fact, we live in a world where tracking the location of a user can be done through a simple mobile app.

So, do you want to trace a user on Facebook? Would you like to know their IP address and the current location they have been messaging you from? The good news is it can be done with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Location Tracker

The location tracking feature comes handy when you have someone harassing you on Facebook or sending you inappropriate messages. The crime investigators rely on these social networking tools to track the exact location of the user.

track location of facebook account

However, Facebook location tracking is only possible when your target user has an active account of Facebook. For example, parents can easily track the location of their child to know if they are at safe locations. It is a great tool to spy on someone. All you need is a Facebook Messenger account to know the target user’s whereabouts.

Let’s face it – as Facebook allows an option for users to track the location of another Facebook user, it is possible that someone could be tracing your location as well. There is no denying that the Messenger app is associated with a higher risk than a user could imagine.

Things get even more complicated for Facebook users who have a large number of social friends who they have only interacted with over the internet. Just like how you can track someone’s address on Facebook, people have the option to trace your location as well. The only way to keep your account safe is by refraining from providing sensitive information on the platform.

How to Track Location of Facebook Account

You don’t need to be a technical expert to track the address or current location of a user on Facebook Messenger. The process is pretty simple. Let’s have a look:

  • Location Sharing

Messenger offers an option for users who would like to meet their social friends in person. The friends can share their current location with their Messenger friends and keep them up-to-date about their whereabouts. You can initiate the conversation with your Facebook friend by clicking on the four dots displayed right at the bottom of the Messenger screen.

Tap Location and choose the ‘Share Live Location’ button. That’s it! Your location will be sent to the particular person you have initiated the conversation with. There is a good chance the target user will reply to your message with their location.

  • Location Tags

Another way to find your friend’s location is by checking all their Facebook stories. Users tend to share their address and current location in the hashtag form on their stories and Facebook posts. You can collect their address by checking their stories regularly. You only have to click the hashtag that suggests the user’s location.  As soon as you click ‘Show Location’, you will be redirected to the Google Maps where you can locate their address.

The trick may not help you know the current location of the user since the last time the user posted a photo could be of a different location than their actual address. But, the method is still worth a shot.

  • Third-party Location Tracking Apps

If you are unable to track the target user’s location through the above-listed methods, then try the ultimate approach i.e. Third-party location tracking apps. Make sure these apps can result in a breach of the user’s privacy. It is only advised when the user is harassing you or sending threats on social media.

There are many Facebook location tracking software and apps available online. You could copy the Facebook profile of the user and paste it in the tracking box to extract their current location.


As mentioned above, tracking the location of a Facebook user isn’t challenging as long as you are friends with the target user. Make sure you don’t track the IP address or location of a user for illegal purposes. Stalking a user or sending them threats is considered a big offense.

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