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Facebook ID to Email Converter: As of 2024, there is a total of 3 billion people having an active account on Facebook, which makes it easy to stay connected with friends, acquaintances, and social buddies based in different corners of the world. However, there are times when you want to collect the user’s personal contact information such as email address or phone number to get in touch with the person for professional means.

facebook email finder

For example, you might want to get email address from Facebook URL in order to sell your products and services or hire them for a recent vacancy at your firm.

Also, companies contact influencers through email address as most business-related communications are done through emails.

Now the question is “How to find someone’s email on Facebook” or “How to get email address from Facebook URL”.

You can easily find email address and other contact details of someone’s Facebook account by looking at their profile’s about section.

At the same time, the platform also allows users to hide their email addresses in the about section or leave the email option blank to maintain their privacy.

But don’t worry anymore! If the Facebook email is hidden or private then you can use Facebook Email Finder by iStaunch.

You are supposed to enter some information about the user, such as their Facebook Username or page URL in the Facebook Email Finder by iStaunch to find email address of a private Facebook account.

In this guide, you’ll also learn different ways to find email address of someone’s Facebook account without any trouble.

Also, keep in mind that there is no direct method for you to find someone’s email address through their Facebook account, but you can definitely gather this information in a few easy and effective ways.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Can You Find Someone’s Email on Facebook?

Before we start talking about the “how” of the question asked initially, let’s first discuss whether or not finding someone’s email address is possible at all. The answer to this one is both yes and no.

While Facebook does require you to register with an email address that can be used for communication in case of any issues, it doesn’t make that information public on the platform, at least not without your permission. And whenever the power of doing anything shifts to the users’ hands, the concept of choice kicks in, taking away the certainty of finding one’s email address on the platform. Hence, the answer can be either yes or no, depending on whose address you seek.

That being said, whether you can or cannot find someone’s email address on Facebook, now that you’re here, it’s our job to tell you about every possibility of doing that on the platform. You can follow these methods to see if they can take you to this person’s email address or not. So, let’s get moving to the first place on Facebook, where you’re most likely to find someone’s email address.

Facebook Email Finder

Facebook Email Finder by iStaunch is a nice little tool that helps you to get email address from Facebook URL. Just enter Facebook profile link or username in the given box and tap on the Find Email Address button. That’s it, you will see the email address linked to Facebook account or page. Once you find email address, don’t forget to verify it using Email Checker for Facebook.

Facebook Email Finder

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How to Find Email Address from Facebook

1. Facebook ID to Email Converter

We have already mentioned how you can find someone’s email address on the user’s Facebook account, but what if we told you it’s also possible to find their email address through Facebook ID to Email Converter by iStaunch.

Here’s how you can:

  • First, open the Facebook ID to Email Converter by iStaunch on your Android or iPhone device.
  • It will ask you to enter the Facebook ID or profile link in the given box.
  • After you enter the required information, tap on the Find Email Address button.
  • That’s it, the Facebook ID to Email Converter tool will show you the email address of the Facebook id.

2. Check the Person’s Facebook Profile

Facebook allows users to either display their email address in the about section or leave the email option blank.

If the user has added their email address on their Facebook profile and made them visible to everyone, then you can easily access it by searching their profile or page name.

All you have to do is check their Facebook account and find this information in their profile or bio section.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone and log Into your account.
  • Search and open the profile whose email address you want to find.
  • Look at the profile’s about section for emails. OR find the Email button and click it.
  • If there is no email, then the user is not shared it publicly.
facebook email finder

Email address can also be included in the Address or Contact Option. So, make sure you check all the details of the user. You will also find other information, including city, high school, college, and professional details.

Note that this option is available only for those who have made this information publicly visible.

Most people who have a public account mostly share their email address so that brands and other professionals can contact them.

If the user has kept their account private, you might not be able to get personal information. But you worry you can easily view private Facebook profiles and find their email address.

3. Tap on the Email Button

Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature for business profiles and pages called “Send Email”, “Shop Now” and “Promote” that directly sends email and shop on Facebook. Currently, this feature is only available for business profiles.

To find an email address on Facebook, all you have to do is open someone’s profile and tap on the “email” button.

facebook email finder

4. Ask for an Email

If you want to find the email of a person who hasn’t displayed their email address or other contact information on their profile, you can directly ask them to share their email address.

When you check the target’s about info, you will either see the email address of the target or an option that says “ask for email”.

Click the ‘Ask for Email’ button on Facebook profile and your request will be forwarded to the user. The user will receive a message stating your name and your email address request. They will share their email address in the chatbox.

If this option doesn’t sound good, you can try sending a direct message to the user asking for their email.

If you are looking for the email of a random user who hasn’t displayed their info, then you can use their workplace or Reverse Email Lookup by iStaunch to extract their email address.

Another way is to check their website or blog. Most people share their email address on the blog so that brands can contact them.

5. Export Facebook Account Email via Yahoo

You might not be very familiar with this option, but know that Facebook gives you an option to import all your contacts to your email provider. This option gives you the information you might be looking for when checking multiple contacts.

We are going to mention a few tools you can use to collect the email address of the target user by importing their emails to your email provider. Let’s check out the ways you can do that:

Yahoo: Yahoo is the best option for those wanting to import their email address to their email service provider. Its integration with email makes it a reliable tool. You can download the Yahoo account and start exporting your emails from Facebook to Yahoo.

  • Open Yahoo and log in to your account. If you don’t have a Yahoo account, create a new one.
  • After your account is created, Yahoo asks you to import contacts from Facebook, Gmail, and other sources.
  • If you are logged into your existing Yahoo account, find the “Import Contacts” section.
  • Next, select Facebook, and Yahoo will start importing emails.
  • Once the process is complete, open the Yahoo Address Book and here you will find the email address of Facebook accounts.

Gmail: Facebook is not directly connected to Gmail, but it definitely allows you to import the emails to the Gmail account. From the Settings & Privacy tab on your Facebook, search for your Facebook information and download the data. Once you click on “download my information”, you will be redirected to a new page that asks you to select the type of information you’d like to download. Choose “Friends” then “HTML” and select “Create File”. The process might take some time, but once the data is ready for download, Facebook will send you the notification for the same.

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Alternative Ways to Find Email Address from Facebook

The above method works for a majority of people looking for the email address of someone through their Facebook account, but just in case, if they do not work, you must know that there are alternative options. There are quite a few alternative ways for you to fetch the email address of a user through their Facebook account.

1. Guess Someone’s Email Address

It may sound pretty odd, but believe me, a lot of people guess the emails right just by guessing. The guessing game doesn’t always work but it is worth a shot. Most companies follow a consistent pattern for giving an email address to the target. So, all you have to do is follow this unique pattern and there you go!

You only need to know the first and last name of the target along with their domain. Try adjusting them in different patterns to guess their email address. Now, how do you know if the email address is correct? Simple, enter the selected emails in the email verification section and verify your email. Alternatively, you can check its validity on Gmail. Enter the email address in the “to” field of your Gmail account. If the email is valid, you will see a profile icon that shows up as soon as you enter the email in the compose section. If they are associated with Gmail, you will be able to locate their email address fairly quickly.

2. Facebook URL to Email Converter

Even though the easiest way to get someone’s email is by asking them directly, sometimes it is best to collect this information discreetly. The Facebook id to email converter make an ultimate choice for those who want to gather the email addresses of the user in simple clicks.

This tool is highly recommended for brands and marketing agencies that need to search for email addresses in bulk. If you have a product that you need to promote to a larger audience through automated emails, you can use a Facebook Email Lookup to get their email addresses.

3. Search it on Google

You must be wondering how an email address of a person can be found with a Google search. Well, guess what? It’s totally possible to locate someone’s email address on Google. A simple search will show you everything you need to know about the person and the email address they use.

Advanced Google Search Operators make an excellent choice for those looking for the email address of the user. All you have to do is enter your guess with “@gmail.com” in the Google search bar. Check the first few results – whether it directs you to social media, website, landing page, or other accounts of the target.

Or, you can type the name of the user with the search queries “contact” and “email”. If the user has published their email address anywhere, you can easily find it online. To make it easier, you can enter other details about the person such as the company they must have worked at or their current occupation.

4. Use Twitter’s Advanced Options

Twitter is a great source of getting the email address of the user. It is where people publish email addresses since it is a way for them to connect with their followers. LinkedIn and Instagram are also available for those looking for the email address of their target.

There are people who tweet their email addresses, so if your target has ever done that before, there is a good chance you will be able to find that easily. Twitter’s Advanced Search Option is available for those who are looking for collecting specific information about a particular Twitter account.

Final Words

This guide contains all the methods you can use to get the email address of the target. Hope it helped you find the user’s email through their Facebook account. However, if the methods did not work, you can always try alternative ways to collect their email address.

Many companies manage to gather a good number of emails just by running a simple Google search, while others get it through Twitter and LinkedIn. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to hack an email, the above steps are pretty simple and safe.

If, however, they do not work for you, there is always an option of asking the user directly for their email mentioning the reason why you want that. There you go! They will gladly give their emails to you. Hope it helped!

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