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Facebook ID Phone Number Finder: With the advancement in technology, people are relying on social networking sites to stay connected with their friends, family, and loved ones. Moreover, the pandemic has taught us a new meaning of social distance along with online networking platforms. As a result, more than 80% of the population is actively available on these sites.

facebook phone number finder

If you are looking for a person with whom you have been out of touch for quite some time, then there is a fairly high chance that you can find them on one such networking site.

Facebook since its inception in 2004 has helped users to stay connected with friends, join groups, play games, follow celebrities, share interesting topics, plan events and chat online anywhere and anytime.

Facebook has about 2.85 billion monthly active users worldwide. This platform has made it easier to stay connected with people and get the latest news and information within just a click. You can state this app to be one of the most used and reliable platforms to join with friends, family, or even make new friends.

If someone is searching for you on Facebook, then they simply have to sign in with a Facebook account credential and use the search bar to find any active Facebook user.

If you have a public account, then others can usually view your post, activities, and the information that you share. However, there are certain aspects like address, date of birth, phone number which you can keep private.

Recently, Facebook has launched the locked profile feature which protects users from unwanted targets and limits personal information to only friends. However, you can also view private Facebook profiles without being friends.

Basically, Facebook asks you to add certain information such as phone number, email address, and other details so that someone can easily find you on Facebook.

However, we all can see that Facebook just really needs your phone number to start getting those nagging notifications as soon as you add the phone number. This is not extremely bad as this can help with your account security and the two-step authentication.

On the other hand, it also has the possibility of you revealing the contact number to almost anybody on Facebook. There are ways to make sure that you stay protected from a such incidence.

Honestly, several people among us don’t even realize that their phone number is linked to their account on Facebook. This is mainly because most of us have completely forgotten about when they even did that. Facebook cannot extract the contact number from your device, but we can see that they repeatedly ask for it every time you log in to your account.

And Yes when you have a default privacy setting on, there is a probability that the other person will be able to find your phone number too. This isn’t something new, this can be helpful when all you have is the profile information of someone that you knew and wish to connect with again over the phone and we shall discuss how right here!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to how to find someone’s phone number from Facebook.

Why Do You Need to Link Phone Number to Facebook?

Facebook is quite strict with its privacy policy. The company does take everyone’s phone numbers to secure their accounts and activate 2FA protocols so that no hacker can get access to their Facebook ID. However, it never discloses this information to a third party or any individual without your consent.

That is pretty relieving to all Facebook users since you do not have to worry about your mobile number getting leaked to the public. That also means you cannot find someone’s number on Facebook just because they have used it to set up the two-factor authentication system.

Can You Find Someone’s Phone Number on Facebook?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to find someone’s phone number from Facebook so long as they have made it available to the public. But, Facebook does not have any direct way to reveal someone’s phone number.

Of course, there are quite a few tricks you can try to get the phone number of a user. The most common and direct way of getting the mobile number of a Facebook user is by checking the About section of their Facebook account.

Facebook’s About section has been specifically designed to provide people with better ways to connect outside the networking platform. You can easily find this section, find their communication details, and voila! They’re only one call away now.

Facebook Phone Number Finder

Facebook Phone Number Finder by iStaunch is a free tool that lets you find someone’s phone number on Facebook. Just enter username in the given box and tap on Find Phone Number. Next, you will see the phone number of entered Facebook username.

Facebook Phone Number Finder

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How to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Facebook

1. Find Phone Number by Facebook ID

Trying to find someone’s phone number on Facebook might be easier than you think. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open Facebook and log in to your account.
  • Type the name of the person whose contact number you need in the Search Bar.
facebook phone number finder
  • When you’re done, hit Enter, and look for their name in the list that appears. Upon finding their name, tap on it to visit their profile.
facebook phone number finder
  • When you open their profile, you’ll find a list of options mentioning Posts, About, Friends, Photos, Videos, Check-ins and More. Go to the About section in the profile, that is the second option from the top after the Posts.
facebook phone number finder
  • Under About section, tap on Contact and basic info. This is the fourth that you will find from the drop-down list under About.
facebook phone number finder
  • After selecting the above option, you’ll find several options on the right side of the screen, along with the phone number of the individual in Contact info.
facebook phone number finder

That’s it. We’ve now delivered on our promise of giving you this person’s contact details from Facebook. However, it is also important to note that if this person has altered their privacy settings on the platform, you might not be able to see their contact details.

2. Can Someone Find Your Phone Number on Facebook?

If you’re here to find someone else’s number on Facebook, it’s only reasonable that they can do the same on your profile. The only condition here is that you must allow its visibility. Such is the security feature that Facebook provides for its users; people just cannot collect your number from your profile unless you set the required privacy.

How to Hide Your Phone Number From Others on Facebook

Are you someone who wants to pick a specific audience for the visibility of their phone number on Facebook? We can make that happen as well! Keep reading the following steps to learn how it’s done:

Step 1: Go to your profile on Facebook. Select the About section in your profile, which would be the second option from the list of options in front of you.

Step 3: Under About, go to Contact and basic info. On the next page, you’ll find your phone number right under the headline Contact info. You’ll find a tiny lock icon right next to your phone number; tap on it.

Step 4: Upon hitting the lock icon, a list of options will appear in front of you. Pick any of the following options according to your convenience:

  • Public (anyone on or off Facebook can view your phone number),
  • Friends (only your friends can view your phone number),
  • Only me (only you can view your phone number),
  • Custom (only the list of people you select can view your phone number),
  • Close friends (Only the people you choose from your list of Friends can view your phone number).

So, the next time you’re unable to able to find the phone number of the person you were searching for, you’ll know exactly why that is.

In other words, they might’ve set the privacy likewise, which means you’ll have to connect with them on a personal level and ask them for their contact details via Facebook Messenger.

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