How to Find Phone Number of Someone’s Facebook Account

Find Phone Number of Someone’s Facebook Account: We all can see that Facebook just really needs to have our phone number, you start getting those nagging notifications for you to add one as soon as you launch the platform. This is not extremely bad as this can help with your account security and the two-step authentication.

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On the other hand, it also has the possibility of you revealing the contact number to almost anybody on Facebook. There are ways for making sure that you stay protected from such incidence, but what if you have a person’s phone number and need to find their profile? Can find a person by their contact detail is even possible?

Honestly, several people among us don’t even realize that their phone number is linked with their account on Facebook. This is mainly because most of us have completely forgotten about when they even did that. Facebook cannot extract the contact number from your device, but we can see that they repeatedly ask for it every time you log in to your account.

And Yes when you have a default privacy setting on, there is a probability that the other person will be able to find your phone number too. This isn’t something new, this can be helpful when all you have is profile information of someone that you knew and wish to connect with again over the phone and we shall discuss how right here!

How to Find Phone Number of Someone’s Facebook Account

In case you don’t have a person’s phone number, being able to find it won’t be difficult. This will work until that number has been linked with their account.

Method 1: Through

  • Go to through your web browser. Follow the same step for phones, computers, and tablets.
  • Login to your account if asked.
  • Go to the search bar and activate the text field.
  • Enter the profile name you want the phone number of.
  • Press Enter key and the search will begin.
  • Click on the search result if that’s the profile of the person you want contact detail of.
  • Scroll through the profile and if they have default settings on, you will be able to see their contact number.

You are probably going to see just one search result and it must be the person that you wanted to look for. In case you don’t get any results chances are that the profile is private. Another possibility can be that they might have not connected the number with their Facebook account.

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