How to Check Who Reported You on Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the platform that has been around for the longest time and still continues to rank at the top of the lists of most popular social media platforms. However, just like any platform, it might not be the best in every aspect.

who reported you on facebook

While digital marketing and brand promotions can work miraculously well on this platform, you’ll also come across some people here who might try to harass you. But if and when such a thing happens, Facebook has made sure that you’re empowered to cut off all ties with this person as well as report them to the Facebook team.

Are you going through something similar and want to report someone on Facebook? Or do you think someone has wrongly reported you here? Well, whatever your doubts are, we’ll try our best to answer them in our blog today.

When Do People Usually Report Others on Facebook?

On Facebook, much like on any other social media platform, all users have been provided the facility of blocking and reporting someone. Most users tend to believe that both these features are similar and, thus, interchangeable, which is a terrible mistake.

You can block a person when their messages annoy you, or you’ve had a disagreement with them, or you no longer like talking to them, or any other reason you might deem fit. However, when it comes to reporting, you should ideally resort to it only if you feel like the other person has violated you or the decorum of the entire platform. Wondering why? Because your actions have consequences.

When you block someone on Facebook, the Facebook team will prohibit this person from engaging with you in any way on the platform. But when you report someone, the Facebook team will go through your conversation with them, investigate their profile and timeline, and based on what they find, they can even suspend this person’s account.

So, it’s best to understand the difference between both actions before you take them against another Facebook user. Now, coming back to you being reported by someone on Facebook.

How to Check Who Reported You on Facebook

Now that we’ve gotten a basic idea of when you should report someone on Facebook, we can move ahead to our central question: How to check who reported you on Facebook?

Well, let’s ask you this: Why are you so sure that there is a way to check it? Let’s suppose that you send someone something threatening or inappropriate, and they report you to Facebook. If Facebook tells you who has sent this report against you, wouldn’t you feel vengeful towards them? After all, it is because of them that your account has been suspended. You might want to retaliate by hurting them in return.

This is exactly why Facebook keeps this piece of information to itself: to protect the privacy and security of its user. In fact, when it comes to blocking and reporting someone, such privacy is maintained on all social media platforms.

In other words, we’re sorry to tell you that Facebook takes its privacy policies seriously and will never disclose which user has blocked or reported you on the platform.

What about third-party tools? Can they help?

If you think your problem can be solved through a third-party app or tool, you’re mistaken. The defenses of Facebook’s servers are far too strong for any third-party tool to break them down.

And even if someone manages to break through these, Facebook has every right to sue them since it’s illegal. What we’re trying to say here is that there’s no third-party app, tool, or extension that can help you with it.

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