How to See Your Most Followed Follower on Twitter

It is not unusual to get overwhelmed when you have thousands of Twitter followers but you need to keep them engaged for relevant results. Now, if the question that is haunting you is something like his – How Do I Do It? then read the article from top to bottom.

see your most followed follower on twitter

By putting up relevant content on your Twitter handle that can perfectly resonate with your audience bae, you can broaden your follower base and retain the base of existing followers. The first crucial step towards this goal lies in the identification of the users. This includes understanding audience demographics. Which people follow you? Who are your highest followers? Which of your shared contents have received maximum appreciation.

In this regard, the number of followers is important but is not the sole determining factor. One should pay more attention to understanding the nature of followers rather than buzzing around the figures.

How to Know Your Most- Followed Follower?

Checking your most followed follower on Twitter can be easy especially when you know the right technique. There is an option on Twitter termed Native Analytics that can help you with this task.

  • Go to your home page on Twitter
  • Tap on the “more” option located on the left side of the home page
  • Now tap on the “analytics” option
  • Keep on scrolling until you come across the option “top follower”.
  • Tap on the same option and you can see your top follower.

Doing a manual review of all your followers may be an intimidating task. You may not have the time or energy to go through this painstaking chore. However, there is something that can help you. It is a Twitter Follower Analyzer Tool. The native Twitter demographics has lots of data and is a great way to get started with but using the tools can give you a better idea. These third-party tools give you a fair idea about your audience like engagement, the most followed hashtags, the top followed followers and so much more

If you want to know all the people who are following you on Twitter or want to be sure whether any particular person follows you on Twitter or not, you can tap on the “Followers” option on your Twitter home page. You will get a beautiful and systematic insight into who is following you.

If you want to be notified about any new followers, then configure email preferences accordingly and Twitter will send you dedicated emails every time a new person starts following you. If you have made your security settings tight and protected your tweets, you shall have to approve the followers from your account home page. In this case, you will receive follow requests.

Tit-Bits About Twitter Following

Twitter is such a feel-good place. Whenever you feel like you don’t want to follow someone anymore you can simply unfollow them. Twitter will never send them a notification. Similarly, if someone unfollows you, you too will not receive any notification. Also, there is a unique feature about Twitter  – Following a particular person on any other social media platform does not automatically make you follow the person on Twitter.

Twitter is quite safe to use. You can approve a follower but it is not necessary that you have to follow them back. You can also block a particular person anytime you feel like it. Twitter isn’t mutual. Your approving someone’s request will not automatically make you follow them. Similarly, someone approving your follow request will not necessarily make them follow you. So nothing is going on without consent.

Knowing about these small tips can help you a lot in handling your influence on the Twitter Platform. Hope this was helpful.

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