How to See Most Liked Tweets from an Account

Twitter is among one of the most popular social media networking sites of all time. Launched in 2006, Twitter never seems to leave the headlines, which is ironic considering how it also serves as a news platform. Most recently, Twitter has been in the news after the hostile takeover staged by Elon Musk and the apparent constant degradation of the platform since then. If you have yet to hear about this rollercoaster of an acquisition, read it.

see most liked tweets from an account

In April 2022, Musk offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion. The deal almost when through, but Musk pulled out at the last minute, claiming that Twitter has been lying about its spam and bot accounts percentage. Although Parag Agarwal, the then-Twitter CEO, tried to reason with him, he won’t convinced.

Twitter then accused Musk of backing out of a large financial obligation because he has cold feet and will be sued for breach of contract. The talk of this messy failure of an acquisition seemingly died down after that.

On October 28th, out of nowhere, news came out that Musk had acquired Twitter. And it wasn’t a civil takeover, either. In a Twitter post, Elon Musk carries in what appears to be a sink inside the Twitter headquarters. He captioned the post, “let that sink in.” It looks like we’ve developed a flair for the dramatic.

Musk’s first order of business post-acquisition was to fire the Twitter CEO, CFO, and a large chunk of the Board of Directors. He then fired almost half of the company’s workforce to compensate for the daily losses.

Musk is selling a blue-tick verification to users in exchange for an eight dollar-subscription charge. While it isn’t considered the wisest entrepreneurial move in the history of social media platforms, it’s admittedly efficient despite its inaccuracy.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about how you can see the most liked tweets from an account on Twitter. Stick with us till the end of this blog to learn all about it.

How to See Most Liked Tweets from an Account

In the beginning, social media’s sole objective was to help people connect with their friends and family. However, it made sense for people also to make new friends worldwide.

Some users realized they could reach an international audience if they advertised their service or product on the internet, and here we are today. Social media is an online market that sells almost anything, and most things don’t cost more than some time and attention.

For example, you’d think we’re talking about products like homemade sweaters or services like copywriting. But those are the functional, tangible business. We’re talking about today’s biggest product in the social media market: entertainment.

That includes movies, web series, comedy shows, witty reels, memes, concerts, and more. Anything that looks good or makes the customer feel good is entertainment, and it’s astonishing how much people will pay for it.

Content creators and influencers are on the rise today because people are entertained by them and want to learn more about them. Anything from their personal life- from their Starbucks order to their best friend- is something people are literally willing to pay to know.

Once you’re famous, all you need is to create accounts on all social media platforms and set a different category of pictures to post.

For example, make sure to only post pictures outside your house, like a club, party, restaurant, café, park, or public place on your Twitter. Instagram should be all about you: your pictures, the food, clothes, accessories, and colors you like. Facebook should have all the products you use for your body: your skincare, haircare, face massage, and acupuncture routine.

This way, users must follow you across all platforms to access your content.

Let’s move on to your initial question: how can you see the most liked tweets on a Twitter account? The answer to this is simple: go to their profile, and keep scrolling till you find their most liked tweet. There is no feature or option on Twitter or any other third-party tool or extension that can help you with this.

Although some users often pin their best-performing tweet to the top of their profile, it’s best to rely on something other than this fact. Maybe they didn’t pin anything, or they’ve pinned their favorite tweet, regardless of the number of likes on it.

Here’s how you can Pin a Tweet on Twitter

Step 1: Launch Twitter on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: The first screen you’ll land on is the Twitter Home page. At the bottom, you’ll see a magnifying glass icon. Tap on it.

Step 3: This will bring you over to the Twitter search page. Tap the Search bar and type the username of the user whose profile you’re looking for.

Step 4: From the search results that appear, tap on their profile.

Step 5: There you go. Scroll down until you find a tweet with a marginally higher number of likes than all of their other tweets, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

Twitter is among the best social media platforms for entertainment today. You can tweet anything, from your most random shower thoughts to your biggest achievements. Isn’t it fun when one of your tweets goes viral out of nowhere? It feels nice to know that so many people worldwide resonate with your thoughts or situations.

Twitter understands this feeling and introduced a feature called Pin Tweet, where you can pin your favorite tweet to the top of your profile. However, to see the most liked tweet of a Twitter account, you can only scroll down their profile and hope they only tweet a little.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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