Does Closing DM on Discord Remove Messages from Both Sides?

Discord has risen to prominence as one of the best online voice chat and messaging platforms. The platform began for gaming community members and was once dominated by gamers. But the app has branched out its wings to several other niches over time. Therefore, you should be aware that the app has something to offer everyone and that finding a niche that meets your needs and interests is easy. You can communicate through voice calls and text messaging, and you can join public and private servers to interact with others in the community.

does closing dm on discord remove messages from both sides

Discord is a joyful platform where we genuinely interact and mingle, but it doesn’t mean you won’t run into troublesome folks. So, people close their DMs to cut them off from their messages on the platform. Even after the DMs have been closed, though, some questions remain, and we will address one of them today.

Does closing DM on Discord remove messages from both sides? Do you think about this question too? Well, you should read the blog till the end to put all your curiosity to rest.

Does Closing DM on Discord Remove Messages from Both Sides?

The majority of our communication takes place on the servers as members of the Discord community. However, the platform has a direct messaging (DM) feature set up so that you can send a server member a private message.

Therefore, it is a change from the usual activity on the servers and allows you to speak with another user informally. Discord users naturally make full use of this feature so that you will send and receive several DMs in a single day.

However, occasionally users will receive messages from random server users to which they have no interest in responding. So, we close our platform DMs when incidents like these start to happen frequently. Of course, there are multiple other reasons why we decided to close our Discord DMs.

But we will discuss whether closing DM on Discord removes messages from both sides on this platform in this section. Well, let us get to the point!

Closing DMs on Discord does not remove the messages from both sides. In fact, it does not wipe out the messages on your side as well. It just serves to remove the conversation from your account’s visible chat history.

It also means that the other person can read the chats normally and message you as well. Besides, you are only one step away from recovering all of those messages if you are willing to chat with the user again and find their chat to converse. The only times you can close the DM on both sides is when you both manually close it for yourselves on your respective Discord accounts.

How to close direct messages or DM on Discord

Do you intend to keep creepy folks out of your Discord DMs? Well, we know the servers on the platform are incredible. However, this does not imply that everyone you meet on the platform is nice.

You might come across certain individuals who only exist to annoy you with their senseless random DMs. Receiving many of these nonsensical messages on a regular basis also implies that the important messages are pushed back.

So, it is enough to upset your day when you are on the servers trying to play games or just do anything in your community, and you get an obnoxious direct message. Well, this is the reason we will talk about how to close a DM on Discord in this section.

We know closing the direct messages is an option, and besides, it is a rather easy task. So, you have to check out the steps below and follow them attentively if you wish to know the steps.

Via the Discord mobile app

Closing the DM is really a breeze if you use the Discord mobile app. Follow the steps below and do it right away.

Steps to close a DM via mobile app:

Step 1: Navigate to your Discord mobile app on the device and open it. You will see the Discord home page.

Step 2: Look for the hamburger icon, which is present on the upper left side of the current channel you are in. Now tap on it to get to the home tab.

Step 3: Do you see the three dots icon on the screen’s upper right-hand side? You should go ahead and tap on it to continue.

Step 4: Upon following the previous step, you will see the option to Close DM. Please go ahead and tap on it.

Via PC/laptop

Many of us love to open Discord via computers, and you need to follow the steps below to close the DM if you are one of them.

Steps to close a DM via computer:

Step 1: In order to begin, you must first log in to your Discord account using your sign-in credentials on your desktop app. You can also choose to log in via the Discord website.

Step 2: You will land on the home tab. Now, you need to right-click on the chat that you intend to remove.

Step 3: You will see an option that reads Close DM. So, tap on it to close your DM via your PC.

In the end

Let’s review the main points we covered now that this blog has come to an end. So, we talked about one of the commonly asked Discord-related questions.

We talk about: Does closing DM on Discord remove messages from both sides?

We went into great depth to clarify that it does not remove messages from both sides. Then, we talked about how to close a direct message or DM on Discord. We gave you step-by-step instructions for both the desktop and mobile apps.

We hope our blog’s responses are clear to you. You have the option to leave your comments about the blog down below. You may follow us for more such tech-related troubles.

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