How to View Someone’s Facebook Profile If They Blocked You

It often happens, when you might have not gone through Facebook for a long time, only to see some updated things afterward that can be upsetting. Yes, we are talking about the times, when we get blocked by someone. You might be curious if you can still see the other person’s profile if they had blocked you. As we all know that Facebook has also added the feature where users can lock the profile from their non-friends and hide posts. But this doesn’t hide the profile picture completely.

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

We tried several things to see if we can still see the Facebook profile of the people that had blocked me. Some techniques can be helpful with that. The strategies that we mention below work and you can go through the detailed guide over this context right here!

For being able to take a look at a person’s profile even when you are blocked, need you to search for their profile account link. The rest of the steps we shall discuss further in the article on how you can do that.

Keep on reading to see and try these approaches to see if the person that has blocked you can be seen on Facebook.

How to View Someone’s Facebook Profile If They Blocked You

1. Extract Their Profile Link through Inbox

Go to your message inbox on Facebook and here you need to get the profile link through the desktop. Alternatively, you can also see the profile link from messenger when you tap on the profile icon. In case you see an error message here log out of your account and open your Facebook profile in incognito mode. Make sure you had logged out of your account before you go ahead with this step.

In case the profile is visible, you will be able to see the profile picture and all of their post if they are open to the public.

2. Find their Profile through Tagged Pictures

The second method that you can try is looking for the tagged pictures of that person, and this way you will be able to get the profile link with a username. But keep in mind, that you won’t be able to see the profile and might need your friend’s phone if they aren’t blocked by that person.

You can now directly open the link from the desktop or the Facebook app. It will help you see the profile photo and all of the pictures in case they haven’t locked their profile.

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