How to Count Number of Messages in Messenger Chat

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who enjoy talking on long calls but hate texts and those who prefer texting only to avoid phone calls. And if you’re here reading our blog today, we’re guessing that you’re the latter kind, indulged in texting more than calls, be it generally or on Facebook Messenger.

count number of messages in messenger chat

The release of a separate messaging app for Facebook was the right decision and has made the lives of countless people easier. Today, if you enjoy talking to someone on Facebook but find your newsfeed annoying, you can simply keep the Messenger app on your smartphone without having to download the whole Facebook app.

But when it comes to counting messages, can either of these apps help? Well, that’s what we aim to figure out in our article today. Stay with us until the end to learn more.

Counting Messages on Messenger: Can it be Done?

Why would someone want to count the number of messages they’ve exchanged with someone on Facebook or any other social media platform, for that matter?

Well, to begin with, perhaps this person might want to go back to the first message and is wondering how long will they be scrolling for.

No matter what the reason behind it is, wanting to count the number of messages in a chat is a legitimate concern. But if you want to know if this can be achieved in the Facebook Messenger app, we’re sorry to tell you that it can’t be done.

When you open a conversation in the Messenger app on your smartphone, there’s no way for you to know how many messages you’ve sent to someone, particularly without counting it manually.

And if we’re talking about any conversation that stretches longer than 20 messages, we might as well acknowledge that manual counting will not solve this problem. So, what other alternatives do we have? Well, let’s find out.

What About the Browser Version of Facebook Messenger?

If you’ve been using Facebook for more than five years, there must’ve been a time in your life when you used to operate this handle from a computer or a laptop.

Can you recall the pre-smartphone times when we’d sit on our computer for hours chatting on Facebook? Those were simpler times.

And simpler times remind us, in the older web version of Facebook, when you’d try to go back in a chat by scrolling up, you’d see a notification of Loading xyz+ messages.

This would give us the exact idea of how far we were from the first message. Do you think that still happens if you use Facebook on a computer?

Well, if you log into Facebook on your web browser today, you’ll be surprised to see how much has actually changed. Today, even the browser version of Facebook has a separate messenger where all your chats are stored.

And when you open a chat here and scroll up, all you’ll see is the reloading arrow until you’re taken all the way back, without ever finding out the number of messages exchanged.

In other words, it’s clear to us that trying to count the number of messages on Facebook (without doing it manually) is no longer possible on both smartphones or web browsers.

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