Facebook IP Address Finder – Find IP Address of Facebook Profile

Facebook IP Address Finder: This is a complete guide on how to find IP address of someone’s Facebook account and page in 2020.

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These are the same strategies you can use to track Facebook account and page in real-time.

Today, imagining our lives without social media seems difficult. Every day, people share millions of photos and videos on their social accounts. Even brands have started embracing the power of social tools for marketing.

While most people use social networking sites to connect with online friends or advertise their brand, some users are out there to scam others. That’s when people decide to track down the IP address of Facebook profiles and discover their real identities.

The IP address not only helps people find the real name and identity of the target user, but it gives a plethora of information such as their address, phone number, email ID, area pin code, and so on.

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So if you want to find IP address from Facebook then you will love this ultimate tool.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Facebook IP Address Finder

The Facebook IP Address Finder by iStaunch is a free tool for finding IP address from Facebook account and page.

All you have to do is copy and paste the Facebook profile or page URL in the box and tap on the submit button to get the IP address of Facebook.

Facebook IP Address Finder

Track Facebook Account Facebook IP Address Tracker

There can be many reasons why you would like to track the IP address of a Facebook user.

Maybe, you are collecting data about your audience to offer personalized services. Maybe, you are receiving messages from an unknown Facebook user.

It is a great way to discover whether the person is the same that they claim to be. Basically, the IP address gives the current location of the device of the Facebook user. It is super easy for a Facebook user to fake their identity and display wrong information on their profile.

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For example, they can easily update their profile and add New York as their hometown.

They might also list the colleges and schools in New York they have graduated from. But, what’s the guarantee the information is accurate?

That is when the IP address of a Facebook user comes into the picture. It helps you track the exact location of the user. Let’s have a look at the method to find the IP address of a Facebook user.

facebook ip address finder
Facebook IP Address Finder

How to Find IP Address of Facebook Account?

The good news is the IP address can be easily found and tracked using the Facebook Messenger. You could use the command tool on windows to identify the user’s IP address.

However, you have to start a chat with the user whose IP address you are trying to discover.

You can use the Messenger to initiate a conversation with the target. Open the chat window and make sure you do it while the user is online. Keep the chat window open and access the command prompt tool simultaneously. Do not close Facebook.

As soon as the tool opens, type ‘netstat –an’ and hit Enter. Given that you are keeping the connection with the target user and the user is online, the IP address will shortly be displayed on Windows.

Close all windows and browsers while finding the IP address. There you go! The IP address of the target will be displayed on the command prompt.

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