How to Find Someone on Facebook by Photo

Do you have a photo of a person and feel the need to get to know a bit more about how they are? Maybe you just want to know their email addresses, birth date, name, the place of their work, or if they are single. Here are the methods by which you will be able to search for them on Facebook. And in case they have kept their profile public, you will be able to take a look at the details easily!

find someone on facebook by photo

Does this sound creepy? Well, only in a situation where you are a creep.

Although there isn’t an official image searching feature on Facebook, there are ways that you can try for finding a person on the app through their picture. You have the option of using the number that Facebook had assigned to a picture that had been uploaded by a person and is associated with their Facebook account or just goes ahead for a reverse search over Google through a picture.

If you are aware of the number, you will easily be able to find the picture source over Facebook. This can be a profile pic of the person that had shared it or they might be tagged in that picture. This will lead you to the profile as well.

Well here are all of the details regarding the picture search for you!

How to Find Someone on Facebook by Photo

Here are the ways by which you can find someone on Facebook by Photo:

1. Use Photo ID

In a situation where you got the picture from any  Facebook account, you can go ahead and try this method for identifying the profile.

Step 1: Take a look at the name of the file of that picture.

Step 2: The picture is going to have FB in its file name.

Step 3: The file will also have numbers in three sets with periods. Find the set in middle. Be sure that it doesn’t contain any decimals.

Step 4: This is the profile ID of that user.

Step 5: Type in URL ^^^. In place of ^^^, you need to add the ID number.

Step 6: Tap enter and you will directly reach the profile of the person.

Your work is done here! Keep in mind that this method still comes with few limitations depending on the privacy settings of that user. But still, it’s worth a try!

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