How to Know if Someone is using “Secret Conversations” Feature in Messenger

Secret conversations let two people communicate with each other through encrypted space that no one else even Facebook cannot see it. This is the feature that offers users unique device keys for ensuring that nobody else will be able to see the conversation. The message that is received or sent will be only available for people to see over that device one uses for opening or creating conversations.

know if someone is using “secret conversations” feature in messenger

This also means that you won’t be able to see the previous conversations from your laptop if you had initially made or opened the chat on your phone for instance. Apart from that, with Secret Conversations, one is also able to see the conversations for a limited period and the duration that the message can be seen by the other person. In case you create the message availability for one minute, you will see a small time appearing on the side that shows you the seconds for which this message can be seen for and then it will disappear. You also have the option of displaying the messages for as less as 5 seconds to 24 hours. There is the option of turning the feature off as well.

But can we know if the other person has been using Secret conversation? Well, your reason for gaining this information can be specific, and we are here to help you out with some tips and tricks that you can try!

How to Know if Someone is using “Secret Conversations” Feature in Messenger

From everything that we have seen about the secret conversation process, you can’t know if someone is using the ‘Secret conversation’ feature in Messenger. This is mainly because the messages can be available for a limited time as well, making sure once deleted there isn’t any evidence of such conversations at all.

So in case, you have the phone of that other person or log-in details you still might not be able to see that. The feature had been made with the intent of letting people share some sensitive information like health or financial, through messenger.  But practically we are aware that this might be used for cheating partners that try to evade law enforcement so that messages linked with illegalities cannot be known.

It’s best to not be around people that you are suspicious about in the first place. If you still want this information, you can go ahead and try sending them another secret message. If you can do this, it’s likely they have enabled the settings and might have been already using it!

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