How to Remove Non Friends from Messenger

Although today most people use Whatsapp and telegram for messaging, some people still prefer to ping you over Facebook messenger, if you have enabled your phone contacts to be sync with your messenger. If you are running your business Facebook page, then also your messenger will get spam with messages from unknown people. Messages from unknown people create unknown threats and also they are quite annoying sometimes.

remove non friends from messenger

Adding someone to your messenger has become quite easy. You just have to go in their profile by searching them by their name in the search bar and you can contact them through messenger. It’s quite annoying if you constantly get messenger invites and constantly being added by someone to group chats where you are unaware of everyone. Removing contacts from your Facebook friend list might be quite easy for you, but removing nonfriends from your messenger is somewhat tricky. If you looking are for the solution to this problem, then let me tell you have come to the correct place.

In 2020 Facebook did certain changes in messenger, due to which you can’t remove someone from your messenger, and you just have to block them. But there are still certain ways by which you can remove anyone either friends or nonfriends from the messenger. In this blog, you will get to know how you can remove someone from the can be your friend or nonfriend who got added I the list.

Previously Facebook had changed its pattern of people who can message you on messenger. But now as per the new update, anyone from your friends or nonfriends can message you in messenger. When some unknown person messages you in messenger it will not show directly in your chatbox, instead, you will get a message as a request. If you accept that request, then only that person can see your active status and when you read the messages sent by that person.

How to Remove Non Friends from Messenger

Removing non friends from your messenger is no longer a puzzle. You can remove nonfriends from Facebook messenger by following this below-mentioned process in the phone, either android or iPhone.

  • Login to your Facebook account using login details.
  • Tap on the contacts and all the messenger contacts will appear here.
  • Search on the contacts which are not your friend and still appears online
  • Next, tap on the “I” button.
  • Select the remove to remove nonfriend from messenger.

In this way, you can remove all the nonfriend’s contacts from your messenger and can clean your contact list. But your work is not finished here, sometimes some of the contacts are being imported to your messenger app if you have sync your phone contacts with the messenger app.

How to Remove Contacts Imported to the Messenger

To remove the contacts which are being imported into your account you need to use a computer. On your computer, you can follow the below-mentioned process to remove those contacts.

  • Open facebook and login into your account.
  • Now go to manage imported contacts for the messenger page.
  • Here click on the delete buttons.
  • It will delete all the imported contacts in messenger.

To avoid constantly updating messenger for contacts, you need to turn off sync contacts settings in the messenger app. In this way, you can delete all the nonfriend contacts from the messenger.

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