Why Do i Receive Instagram Notifications When Someone Comments on Someone Else’s Comments?

Instagram notifications serve as a virtual tap on the shoulder to let us know when anything occurs on your account. They serve as a continual reminder that people are engaging with your content, watching your stories, commenting on your posts, or direct messaging you.

why do i receive instagram notifications when someone comments on someone else's comments

However, there is one notification alert in particular that has many of us baffled. Why do users receive Instagram alerts when someone replies to another user’s comment has been a topic of discussion, right?

It’s time to understand the underlying meaning if this feature has left you perplexed. Follow us until the end of this blog to learn more about this topic.

Why Do i Receive Instagram Notifications When Someone Comments on Someone Else’s Comments?

Receiving Instagram notifications that are not your business is unusual! However, we see a lot of that happening on the app.

Often, tapping on the notification makes us realize that the person hasn’t even commented on our post. In fact, they have really completely interacted with someone else’s post, and you’re wondering why it happens!

Of course, it’s a default action, and everyone with their notifications on knows this. Well, remember, this action serves a purpose like every other activity. This feature is intended to increase user engagement with the content and promote a sense of community!

Receiving a notification alert for someone else’s post means that you have interacted with it as well. You are now a part of that narrative, whether you like it or not.

Frequently, comment sections turn into long comment threads where the original content gets lost. In this lively exchange, users comment, make jokes, and engage in debate.

Instagram now doesn’t want to keep you in the dark about all the discussions taking place in the comment area. Hence the notification is visible every now and then so that you can rejoin the discussion if you wish.

Although these notifications may seem frequent, you can manage them easily! You only need to adjust your notification settings to meet your needs.

Steps to disable Instagram notifications:

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Select your profile icon at the far right corner of the navigation bar.

Step 3: Tap on your hamburger icon at the profile’s top right corner.

Step 4: A menu list pops up. Please opt for Settings and Privacy to proceed.

Step 5: You have Notifications under the How you use Instagram option. Click on it.

Step 6: There’s a Pause all option under Push notifications. Turn on the toggle.

Step 7: A pop-up box will emerge on the screen with a different time limit to temporarily pause notifications. Select one from the list to complete the process.

Upon doing so, you won’t get any push notifications, but you’ll be able to see new notifications when you open the app.

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