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Confirm Your Identity Facebook: Have you ever been locked out of your home? The reason could be anything: keys lost, doorknobs blocked, or PINs unrecalled. Whatever the reasons, the effect is always the same- feelings of frustration and disappointment and a strong urge to get in.

fix "please confirm your identity" on facebook

Whether or not you have had the above unfortunate experience, we want to tell you that to be locked out of your Facebook account is a virtual equivalent of getting locked out of your home. And the feelings instilled in both cases are identical, just varying in intensity.

We know how it feels: logging into your Facebook account as usual only to be greeted by an unwelcoming “Please Confirm Your Identity” page instead of your News Feed. And no matter how puzzled and annoyed you might feel, the only thing you want to do is get back in as soon as possible.

You are reading our latest blog, and today, we will be assisting you in gaining back access to your Facebook account and securing your account against future security threats. So let’s start!

Why You Receive “Please Confirm Your Identity on Another Phone or Computer” Error on Facebook

To find a solution to a problem, understanding the cause of the problem first is essential. If you encounter this problem, it simply means Facebook thinks something is not quite right with your account, and you need to make it right.

Getting locked out of your account and being asked to confirm your identity might result from one or more of the various possible actions Facebook considers ‘suspicious.’ These actions might have been performed by you and include:

  • Typing incorrect passwords too many times
  • Logging in from multiple devices within a short period
  • Logging into too many accounts from the same device
  • Reaching out to a large number of persons rapidly

These are just some of the potential actions that might seem suspicious. On a serious note, it is also possible that your account was accessed by someone else- a hack! Such security breaches are a cause of concern, and you want to avoid them at all costs.

Now that you are aware of the activities that might have led to your account getting locked, you are one step closer to recovering your account and preventing similar incidents in the future. We are now ready to delve deep into all the methods of confirming your identity on Facebook.

How to Fix “Please Confirm Your Identity on Another Phone or Computer” on Facebook

Getting blocked from logging into your own account is frustrating, but you don’t need to worry anymore as we are here by your side to help you get it back. We did all the required research, so you don’t have to do any. So, let’s get straight to the point.

Note: Before logging into your locked account, try to ensure that you use a device you have previously used to successfully log in to that account. Doing this will make the process easier and help you avoid further complications. If you have used more than one device to log in previously, we prefer using the one you have used most often.

Step 1: Once you have your selected device with you, open your browser and go to Facebook( Enter your email id or phone number, along with your password, and hit Login.

If you are using a mobile device, you can simply open the Facebook app and log in from there.

Step 2: Since your account is locked, you will land on the “Please Confirm Your Identity” page. Click on the Continue button. You will be taken to the next page.

Step 3: On this page, you need to Choose a Security Check. A security check is just another term for a way to confirm your identity. There are a number of security checks available to choose from. But you might not be shown all of the options.

Depending on the options available for your account, you will see one or more security checks to choose from. Let’s discuss all the options.

1. Approve Login from Another Phone or Computer

You are likely to see this option if you are logging in from a new device.

Step 1: To choose this option as a Security Check, check the box next to it and click Continue.

Step 2: On the next page, you will see a list of devices you have used to log into Facebook before. Select your preferred device. Facebook will send a notification to the device asking for login approval. So, make sure you have access to the device you select.

Step 3: Approve the login request on the trusted device. Then, click on Continue from the device you were trying to log in from.

If everything goes well, voila! You have recovered your account! You will be redirected to your News Feed. 

However, if you don’t want to use this Security Check, click on “Confirm Identity Another Way” located just below the Continue button. Read on to explore the other choices.

2. Get Code Sent to Your Phone

This method is relatively simple. Select this option, click on the Continue button, and you will land on the “Select your Phone Number” page.

This time, the list will be of phone numbers added to your account. Select the phone number you have access to, and click Continue. Facebook will send a four-digit code to the selected number.

Type in the code received on the phone and hit Continue. You will regain access to your account if the code entered is correct.

3. Ask Your Friends for Help

Can’t use any of the above options? Don’t worry. You still have a fair chance of regaining your account. This time, your friends can come to your rescue. To recover your account with the assistance of your friends, follow these steps:

Step 1: On the Choose a Security Check page, select Ask your friends for help and click Continue.

Step 2: On clicking Continue, you will land on the Collect Confirmation Codes page. On this page, a list of 5 of your friends will be shown, along with 3 boxes to enter the codes. You need to contact any 3 of these friends by call or in person, or whatever way you think is safe.

Step 3: Now, here comes your friends’ part. Each of the three friends has to open their browser, and go to the following link:

Step 4: When your friends open this link, they will land on a page headed Help <Your Name>. Your friends will see your profile photo and name and will be told that you need their help to recover your account. Tell them to click on Continue.

Step 5: A page titled “Are you sure this is your friend?” will appear. On this page, your friend will be asked to confirm if it was really you who wanted their help.

To confirm, your friend needs to select the first option, “Yes, I talked to <Your Name> on the phone.” and click Continue.

Step 6: Once your friend clicks Continue, they will see a four-digit code on their screen. They need to tell you this code.

Step 7: Now you need to enter this code in the Collect Confirmation Codes page on your screen.

Repeat Steps 4-7 for each friend. After entering the three unique codes in the three boxes, click Continue.

You are all set! Click Continue once again to get logged in to your account.

4. Login using your Google Account

You might see this option as a Security Check if you have added a Gmail address to your Facebook account. Select this option and click Continue, and you will be redirected to Google Accounts page. Select the Gmail account you have added to Facebook and click on Approve if asked. You will be taken back to your Facebook account.

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