How to Track Someone’s Location on Messenger Without Them Knowing

Facebook Messenger is among the most used social media sites in the present times and even consists of an array of features, with location tracking being no exception to it. The application is highly used for chatting and sharing files and documents; and you can even use it to get directions, which is better than asking someone. However, one question that pops up in several minds is whether it is possible to track someone on Messenger without making them aware of it! Well, continue reading the blog if you’re also here to find out the same.

track someone's location on messenger without them knowing

Tracking someone on Messenger without knowing them is primarily a tough nut to crack. However, you might need it in a serious concern, for which tracking tools can be a great help.

Other than that, there are some alternatives, such as tracking a person’s location on Messenger or using their hashtags, but then it might not be possible with the person is entirely unaware of it. Still, these are the steps you can use to get your work done; hence without any further ado, let’s dive in.

How to Track Someone’s Location on Messenger Without Them Knowing?

As mentioned before, Messenger contains a variety of functions, thanks to Facebook. Among the various innovative options, location tracking is one of which very few people are aware.

Features like sharing location, posting hashtags, and availing the Nearby Friends option can help you track the location of others on Messenger.

Some of you might not have used these features before, but treat these as your key to correctly tracking someone’s location on Messenger. Apply these simple ways, detailed in the sections below.

Sharing Location

Among the most used and effective ways of tracking someone’s location via Facebook Messenger has the way of sharing the person’s location. Remember that you can only access this feature on the Facebook Messenger app, and not Messenger Lite. However, tracking their location without making them aware will only be possible if the person has shared their home location earlier.

You can’t ask someone to share his location on Messenger if you wish to keep it a secret. The least you can do is to ask the person’s location in Messenger a few days before, and when you start tracking them, they won’t doubt.

Here are the steps to share the location:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to open your Facebook messenger and log into it by putting the necessary credentials.

Step 2: Next, you need to tell your friend to open your chat window and then click on the four dotted figures beside the camera icon in the row of the text bar.

Step 3: Ask to click on the location feature that pops up and click on Allow Location Access.

Step 4: On availing the location access, you’ll be produced to a map, where you need to set the pin exactly to your location. Though it will automatically detect your location, in case it doesn’t, you need to do it manually.

Step 5: Once, the location is set, click Send Location to share it. Once it is shared with you, you can easily track down the person.

Using Hashtags

Another decent option you can avail to track someone on Messenger is by the help of hashtags. This alternative method of tracking someone on Messenger can work a great deal, but its limitation is you won’t be able to use it if the person you want to follow hasn’t posted something or even used a hashtag.

Here’s how to get used to it:

Step 1: Access a hashtag on your friend’s post or something that they have posted on their story.

Step 2: Next, click the Tag Location option, and their location will be presented on your screen.

However, you’ll get a direction in Google Maps about the person’s location when they post the story, and not after that.

Avail the Nearby Friends Feature

The Nearby Friends is a feature on Facebook Messenger that you might have tried before to see who your friends reside nearby. But in general, it is used to track the location of an individual too. It is not like sharing the location of availing hashtags; the person you want to locate has to enable this option too, and then only you can get your work done!

Let’s have a look at how to carry it out:

Step 1: Access your Facebook account, and click on the three-line icon on the screen’s top-right.

Step 2: Scroll down from the menu bar, and you’ll see the See more option, tap on it.

Step 3: You can access the Nearby Friends option, tap on it, and click on Get Started to use the feature.

Facebook will let you choose among friends who can track your location if you want to keep it private from every single person on your friend list.

Although this process is remarkably effective, the person might be aware of you tracking them, and keeping it a secret is not possible here.

Using Tracking Tools

Other than the simple ways to track someone on Messenger that we talked about earlier, you can also go for those tools if you’re desperate to track down someone getting him wholly unaware of it.

These are generally used in severe situations, and if you have fallen into one, let’s get straight to the point on how to avail it.

Using the Online Messenger Location Tracker:

Step 1: Access the online messenger location tracking tool on your device, and enter the credentials of the person it asks for. Generally, you should put the user’s profile ID only.

Step 2: After entering, you have to click on the track button.

Step 3:Next, the tool will take some time to process the information about the profile and then present you with the location of the ID you entered.

Now, needs differ from person to person. And here, you might need a method that works more confidentially and secretly. For that, you can also avail some other ways like using a third party tool like Grabify. link or avail any IP logger Logs tracker.

Grabify is primarily an IP-grabbing tool that permits the users to track the IP addresses of visitors to a specific website. Though the tool is not illegal, but using it to secure personal information would certainly be a violation f privacy law. Hence use it in extreme needs only. You can access the Grabify. link tool by going to its official website.

Bottom Line

Tracking a person becomes highly necessary sometimes, and the dream has become a reality in Facebook Messenger. And if you want, ways are there to track someone even by keeping them completely unaware of it. The location-sharing process is arguably the easiest in this regard, as all you have to do is just access the location they have shared and locate themselves accordingly.

If you want to track someone with the help of hashtags, this will need your friend to post something on their profile, and then you can access it, tag the location, and know where they are. The Same goes for the Nearby Friends option, where they need to enable this feature like you, and the tracking game will be on.

Other than these, opting for online tracking tools or third-party apps can also be done in extreme need.

So what are you waiting for? Start tracking someone you want to follow with the help of Facebook Messenger today! Also, in case of any queries, let us know in the comments down below.

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