How to Find International Phone Number Owner Name and Details

Getting an international phone call all of a sudden is something that every one of you has gone through. But many still need help figuring out the number’s owner and their details. Most people either overlook or care very little about a missed call from an international phone number, but it is more challenging than you treat it. International calls can be harmful from several perspectives and can even lead you to financial losses; hence, answering them should be prohibited.

find international phone number owner name and details

However, receiving a call can also be necessary if the call comes from one of your friends or relatives who has been residing abroad.

So, how do you trace it? You might be thinking, is it possible to find out the owner’s name and their details from an international phone number? The answer is definitely yes. We’ll guide you through several ways to find the details of an international caller and trace international numbers. So, without wasting more time, let’s get straight to the point.

How to Find International Phone Number Owner Name and Details

To figure out the details of an international phone number, following are the ways you can avail:

Use Map

Using maps is among the primary ways to find out the details of any phone number, and an international phone number is no exception.

Using maps to trace the international number is very useful and even easy to implement, and anyone’s live location will be presented to you within minutes, just by entering their phone number.

When you’re availing maps to trace a phone number’s location, you can also use the mobile operating system, which are generally done in extreme situations and legal matters. If you’re one, then surely go for this way.

Though this is typically not used to trace an international number but instead it is used when someone’s mobile is lost, and they have to know their mobile’s IMEI, to find it out.

Step 1: Avail of the online phone number tracking tool and insert the necessary details.

Step 2: Enter the number, as well as the location, detected from the map, and you’ll be able to trace it with ease.

Avail Google

Availing the help of Google can also be effective; as they say, Google has the solution to every problem! Though this is primarily the job of tracking tools, trying out the number on Google can help you too. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: First, avail of the Google app on your mobile or computer, or you can also go to from your web browser or google chrome.

Step 2: Enter the international number you want to know about. You can put the number on the search bar or try something like “owner of” and then insert the number.

Though it is not guaranteed that the results will be highly beneficial, the results can help you figure out from where the call has been made and its location, for sure.

Via Satellite

Among the unique ways of finding an international number’s owner name and the details comes the process of finding it via satellite. Other methods of tracking locations might or might not be helpful, but there is no way in heaven that the place given by the satellite, fails.

Though finding any international phone number’s detail is what the police officers generally do, it is legal to use for other people too. Connect with a local authority known to you, and they will help you to communicate with the team and handle this matter effectively.

International Phone Number Tracker

Another way, primarily used in legal affairs, is the way of availing international phone number trackers.

It is among the easiest as well as among the most used ways you’ll see to track an international phone number. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Access the web browser on your mobile, and open the International Phone Number Tracker Tool.

Step 2: Insert the phone number you want to track and the country code of the number.

If you search the number on Google, you can determine from which country the call has been made. Counting upon that, enter the code, which will help in efficient tracking.

Step 3: Click the TRACK button once you enter the international number.

The tracking tool will start tracking the phone number you entered and present you the person’s locationerson within a few moments.

Other details of the phone number that will pop up are country code, area code, name of the number owner, and related stuff.

Ways to Find Out the Name of the Owner of the International Phone Number

While there are ways to know the details of an international phone number, you can also find out the name of the international caller via several applications available from Play Store.


TrueCaller has been helping millions of people worldwide discover the names of unknown caller IDs. If similar the situation to yours, then just put the number on this app, and it will administer you with the name of the unknown caller.

However, results might not be correct sometimes, but using it is preferable in maximum instances.

WhatsApp Messenger

Another app to try out to see the name of the international phone caller is WhatsApp Messenger.

A person certainly can’t hide their profile from you in WhatsApp once you’ve added their number to your contacts. However, the difference is if the person has blocked you beforehand.

Step 1: First, save the international number to your mobile by any name you want, and once done, his WhatsApp profile will be visible to you.

However, there’s a specific criterion in this case: the person has to use WhatsApp Messenger. If he doesn’t, this way of figuring out someone’s name will not apply.

Step 2: Now open WhatsApp, refresh your contacts feed, and look for your saved number. You’ll see the profile picture of the person if not hidden.

Also, you can try pinning his chat and then unsave his number from your contacts. And going to his chat again, on WhatsApp will help you to see his username.

Using third-party tools

Third-party apps are made to figure out a variety of things; finding out the ID of an international caller through a third-party app is possible too. Mentionable names among these are:


ZLOOKUP comes with the ability to find out the name of a person through his phone number, no matter the place they are residing in any part of the world. The tool can identify several VoIP numbers, including Google Voice.


Generally used to identify and trace international calls, BeenVerified is one of the most trusted tools in this regard. Both international as well as domestic numbers can be traced with the help of this tool.


Whitepages is another great option to look for international calls, which lets you do it for free. It also helps to determine the live location of the owner of the number too.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that finding details of international phone numbers and the owner of the number is primarily easy. The tracking tools will provide you with the information about the owner of a number in detail, and figuring out the place from where the call has been made, will not be an issue too.

Try going for the primary options if international missed calls aren’t something big to you, and avail Google Maps, enter the phone number on Google, or take the assistance of satellite. But in extreme situations where you need to know the name of the person who has made the call, use tracking tools.

Solving the puzzle of international callers is no longer a big deal. Do not worry if you see any international calls; apply the methods mentioned, and know the name of the person trying to connect you.

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