How to View Locked Facebook Profile Picture (Updated 2022)

Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer: Facebook constantly keeps updating its guidelines to provide better service and experience to its users. However, there are always some workarounds to discover things. Facebook does not always have a way to secure information due to technical bugs or errors, which can give unknown people direct access to confidential information.

view locked facebook profile picture

It provides many features according to users’ requirements where you can create a personal profile, business pages, and groups to connect with your friend or business purpose.

When you create a new Facebook account, the platform will ask you to provide your personal information with a profile picture.

To maintain privacy, the platform allows you to hide or lock your profile pictures and other photos from a specific person, non-friends, and strangers. This feature can protect users’ privacy and be safe from strangers, stalkers, and spying eyes.

A locked profile indicates no one can see your profile pic in an enlarged view, and this privacy setting is applied by the user who doesn’t want to share a high-resolution profile pic in public.

But there are so many people who want to see locked Facebook profile pictures in full size due to some reason.

Here you will find a great trick to view locked Facebook profile pictures without breaking any privacy guidelines.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to View Locked Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook follows a common format or type of URLs for the locked profile picture. By changing some parts of the URL, you can view the locked picture in an enlarged format.

Therefore, you should first understand the structure of the URLs used by Facebook.

There are two types of URLs, one is the short 160 x 160 px image which is usually visible on timelines. The other is the public URL of the same image, which is enlarged. This enlarged image will be in the highest resolution of what the owner of the profile has uploaded.

The URL of the profile picture includes letters in the first half and numbers in the last part. The letters determine the picture’s size and whether the public URL refers to a thumbnail or a full-size image. The numbers, on the other hand, are unique IDs.

To view a private or locked profile picture on Facebook, you need to change a few elements in the public URL.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Facebook and log in to your account.
  • Find the FB profile you want to see locked picture of.
view locked facebook profile picture
  • Now, copy the username or profile id.
view locked facebook profile picture

Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer by iStaunch

Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer by iStaunch also known as a Facebook Profile Picture Viewer is a free online tool that lets you see locked Facebook profile picture in full size.

To view locked Facebook profile picture, open the Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer by iStaunch on your phone. Enter the locked FB profile URL in the given box and tap on the submit button. That’s it, next you will see locked profile picture in full size.


This is the only possible way to view a locked Facebook profile picture easily. However, if someone has locked their profile picture, then privacy should be respected. You should avoid downloading their pictures without their consent. But you can surely use this method to check the profile picture.

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