How to See Other Viewers List on Facebook Story

See Other Viewers List on Facebook Story: Stories are quite famous on social sites – be it Instagram or Facebook. They must appear for only 24 hours, but they are highly likely to be seen by your friends. That’s because stories appear right on top of your social media feed. Besides, it is quite easy to view stories.

see other viewers list on facebook story

All it takes for you to check the latest stories of your friends in one click. It may not be possible to get stats on your Facebook post, but you could find information about people who viewed your Facebook stories.

Like Instagram and Whatsapp there is an option on Facebook that allows you to get a list of people who viewed your Facebook story.

But have you ever seen the “viewed by 1 other” or “1 other people viewed this story” option just below your story page? Here’s the complete notification “1 other person viewed this story. As it was shared to Public, people you’re not friends with saw it”.

You must be wondering what it’s about and why Facebook does not disclose the names of these other users.

Well, in this post, we are going to discuss what does “Other Viewers” mean and how to see other viewers list on Facebook story.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

What Does “Other Viewers” Mean on Facebook Story?

Facebook is a little different from Instagram and other social sites when it comes to followers. Your followers are not necessarily your friends on Facebook.

So, if anyone other than your Facebook friend views your story, they will be counted as other viewers.

It’s important to note that the other viewer’s option appears only when you share your Facebook story as public. It will make your story visible to everyone who’s following you on Facebook.

If you don’t want others to view your story, then you must change your privacy settings before posting a story. You can find the Privacy option right at the bottom of the screen.

see other viewers list on facebook story

From there you can change your privacy settings to “friends” or “friends and connections”.

How to See Other Viewers List on Facebook Story

Unfortunately, you cannot see other viewers list that seen your Facebook story. Neither you see their profile name as they are completely anonymous. The platform has decided to keep this information confidential. If you are really concerned about other people watching your story, then the simple way to avoid that is by changing your story’s privacy.

However, you can view the list of your friends that viewed your story, along with their profiles. And, these names will be visible even after your story no longer appears.

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