How to Hide & Unhide Messages on Facebook Messenger

Privacy is a major concern in the age of social media. And this privacy is needed not only online but also offline. Sometimes, you need to take your data or conversations outside of the public eye, even on your mobile screen. And that is why Facebook Messenger comes with a very useful archive feature to hide and unhide messages or chats as per your convenience. This feature has been there on Facebook since before the days of Messenger. But it is much easier to do now with the messenger app.

hide unhide messenger messages

Here we are going to discuss the steps to hide or unhide your messages on messenger in detail.

  1. Download Facebook Messenger

Facebook allows messaging on its web app as well but to see and hide or unhide your messages on mobile, you will need to download the messenger app. This can be done easily from Google Play Store for Android users or Apple store for iPhone users.

  1. Login to your Facebook Account

This one goes without saying. You will need to login to your Facebook account using the same credentials that you had used while creating your account. Once logged in you should be able to see the chat page of your account.

  1. Find the conversation you want to hide

You can search for a person’s name to find a conversation with them. You will be given a list of all conversations depending on your search.

  1. Swipe Left on the chat that you want to hide

Once you are on the chat that you want to hide, swipe from right to left on it without opening the conversation. You will be shown an archive option.

  1. Select Archive

Click on the archive option to hide the chat. Once done, the chat will no longer be visible in the chats list.

Similarly, to unhide a conversation you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Search for the chat that you are looking for to unhide

This can be done easily from the search bar above the chat screen. All the chats related to the search text will appear here.

  1. Select the chat that you want to unhide

Select the chat to unhide from among the options shown.

  1. Reply to the conversation

Now you will need to send a message to this conversation to unarchive it. Once done, you will be able to see the chat in the main chat list again.

Apart from this, you can also check the spam or filtered message folders or message requests to see hidden messages. Also, you can navigate to archive and unarchive a chat from there. In case you have blocked someone, a chat with them will be hidden as well. In that case, you just need to go and unblock them for the messages and chat to appear again in your message list. Apart from that if someone has deactivated or deleted their account, their chats are hidden as well and can’t be seen.