How to Recover Deleted Facebook Live Videos

Facebook started as early as 2004 and soon after it was launched, it became a mass favorite. What’s more important is that Facebook updated its features and facilities and grew really fast with each passing year to stand as the Facebook we see now. Along with being fast, easily accessible, and interactive, Facebook also focused on improving its security to a great extent. This is perhaps the only reason for the success of the web app. However, as it happens with most other apps and software these days, Facebook is also prone to a number of issues and glitches but with its professional team of technical experts, the issues are mostly transient.

recover deleted facebook live videos

Also, there are numerous occasions where the users are stuck when it comes to certain processes. One of such processes is the way to recover their deleted Facebook live videos.

Ever since Facebook has enabled the feature of Facebook Live, the users were instantly hooked by the same. This particular addition has been a promising option for musicians, artists, singers, motivators, influencers, sportsmen, celebrities, and other businesspeople. Moreover, Facebook Live is one such feature that has been helping a whole lot of people across the world, after and during the lockdown, to stay relaxed, entertained, and motivated.

Most of us would love to upload our live videos to perform something or commemorate various milestones of our lives and often turn to them to cherish our memories. However, in many cases, Facebook users have reportedly deleted their live videos and now they want to get them all back.

Are you also one of the Facebook users who wants their deleted live videos back? Then, you need not worry because we are here with all the information regarding the same.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Live Videos

Facebook’s Live Videos are saved on the Facebook servers. After a live video is streamed it is then automatically saved, and posted on a specific page or a particular user’s profile. We don’t have to do anything else if we want to save it. Besides, you can also delete it later, if you wish so.

Now, if you are wondering whether you can get back your deleted Facebook live videos, then it’s important to know that you cannot do that because deleting a live Facebook video from your profile deletes the video from the servers. However, if you have the saved video stored on your mobile phone or computer, then you can revisit the same.

Why did You Lose Facebook Live Videos?

Many of the Facebook users recently reported that they lost their Facebook live videos. They complained that one day they were suddenly unable to find their live videos without any external intervention.

This was a mass issue and can be traced due to a glitch that occurred from Facebook’s end that unfortunately removed live videos from the profile of a bunch of live streamers. This was not a bug that affected all the users and was fixed quite fast, however, the lost videos couldn’t be restored again.

You may think that this wasn’t a huge deal unless you were one of the unfortunate streamers who lost their videos. This highlights an array of things that we should keep in mind before we go for a Facebook live stream.

Here we will study the reason that caused the glitch, which led to the removal of the Facebook live videos.

What was the Error that deletes Facebook Live Videos?

There was a glitch that occurred on the Facebook servers which resulted in deleting some users’ live videos when they tried to post them to their Story and the News Feed. This happened just after they finished the broadcast of the video and wanted to post the same.

Now, if you have already broadcasted videos in Facebook live or know how the Facebook live feature works, then you should know that after you have finished broadcasting, you need to click the Finish button to end the stream. This will end the video, after which Facebook will review it with you and offer you the options to share, delete, or save the video to your phone. The breakdown occurred right in this step. Therefore, it can be concluded that there was a fault in the function that converts the streaming video into a form that can be saved and published.

This scenario is a lot like the instances when you were working on a long spreadsheet or a multi-page document and the computer shuts down or breaks down all of a sudden, leaving none of your work saved for you. This is horror really for the users!

On this, Facebook said that it is not informed of the number of users whose videos or live streams were actually impacted but announced that the bug was intermittent and affected some of the Facebook users.

How was it Fixed?

Facebook stated that since the error occurred it has patched the bug and restored some of the videos that were lost. However, in the other cases, Facebook sent notes of apology mentioning that their Live videos have been deleted permanently and they cannot be restored.

What should we learn from it?

Losing our hard-earned work simply leaves us devastated. When it comes to live videos, then it is more than upsetting. This is because live streams are not something that takes time to create, but a significant amount of dedication, a particular ambiance, proper camera and sound settings, a worthy occasion, and viewers. Moreover, what’s important is that as opposed to some videos that we record whenever we please, live videos are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences. For example, you have visited France and you are live streaming from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Can you go to the Eiffel Tower again next month if your video gets deleted? Most of us cannot, with few exceptions.

From these kinds of situations, we must learn one thing that we should never rely on a single platform or device to capture our precious moments. Though Facebook Live videos have become immensely popular around the globe streaming millions of lives each day and more and more businesses joining the league, it cannot be the only solution to stream.

It’s okay if you want to live stream a pre-recorded content because that way you do not risk anything. However, in case you are streaming live with Facebook only, then you need to make sure that you simultaneously stream your live videos on other platforms too rather than on a single platform.

How can you avoid losing your live videos?

If you are wondering about how you can be immune to data loss, including the loss of videos, then the only secret of it is redundancy. Yes, if you think that you will be live streaming the content directly on a certain platform, like Facebook, without saving it anywhere else, thereby relying completely on that singular platform, then you might lose them again.

Therefore, if you are planning to broadcast with the help of a computer or mobile device, then it’s always better to configure your system settings and choose an option to save a local copy of the stream. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly backup whatever you stream and get a local copy of the same immediately after you are done with the streaming. With this process, you will, thereby, have an online copy and another local copy saved on your device.

You can also use other third-party options like Switchboard Cloud, which acts as a multi-streaming, multi-publishing service. However, you need to remember that though it appears the service can live to stream your video to all video platforms at the same time, you need to be aware of the fact that it’s really sending a copy to each of those platforms. As a result, if you have published a live video with the help of Switchboard Live and you lose the video on Facebook, then you can still revisit the video on other applications like on Youtube, Twitch, or Instagram.

With the help of these third-party apps, you can stay secure and save your videos and along with them the investments of time and money that you have put into making the video successful.


Saving your live Facebook videos from any bugs or errors and ensuring that you don’t lose them is the foremost thing you need to consider even before you think of broadcasting. However, our well-researched ways and a deep insight into how you can go about them would definitely help you keep things secure! Good luck on your next live then!

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