How to Stop Your Profile from Being Suggested on Instagram

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you must have noticed a special feature on Instagram that show a couple of profile in your suggestion section. Well, these people are either those you are in touch with on Whatsapp and other social media or your friends’ friends. In simple words, if some of your Instagram friends follow a user on Instagram, there is a good chance their profile will also show up in the suggestion results. Likewise, your profile is highly likely to show up in your friends’ suggestion tab.

stop your profile from being suggested on instagram

While this feature works wonders for those who want to find their friends on Instagram and follow the known users, it may not be an effective option for all. There is a chance you may not want your Instagram profile to show up in someone’s suggestion list. Perhaps, you don’t want people to know you have an account on Instagram.

Or, you simply don’t want to get friend requests from Instagram users. Whatever the reason is, there is no direct option on Instagram that allows you to shut the suggestion option off and avoid getting your profile shown up in the suggestion column. Despite that, we have compiled a list of some easy and effective tips you can follow to stop your profile from being suggested on Instagram. Let’s take a look:

How to Stop Your Profile from Being Suggested on Instagram

1. Remove Your Mobile Number from Instagram

By adding your mobile number on Instagram while signing up for an account on the platform, it gets easier to find your contacts and add them to your Instagram friends list. Instagram takes this information to find people you may know outside Instagram. One of the common ways people find your account is by searching for your username in the “Find Friends” section.

If you are not using your phone number to create an Instagram account, you are going to need to use the email instead to complete the registration process. Verification is a must for all Instagram users, and one way to complete the process is by getting a verified email attacked to your account.

2. Remove Your Facebook from Instagram

Another option that allows people to find your Instagram account is the “Follow Facebook Friends”. So, if you have a Facebook account linked to Instagram, remove it. That’s one way to ensure that your account does not show up in suggestion results.

3. Disable the Account Suggestion Option

You must be getting the similar account suggestions option on Instagram. As mentioned earlier, people receive suggestions of Instagram users they might know or want to follow on Instagram. These people could be mutual friends or people you may know and want to follow. You can disable this feature to stop receiving these suggestions. There is a good chance that your profile will not show up to your friends and contacts if you have disabled the suggestion section.

4. Tips for Avoiding Your Profile from Being Suggested on Instagram

Below are a few tips you can follow to make it harder for people to locate your Instagram profile. Let’s take a look:

  • Keep your account private
  • Remove your profile picture or put a photo that doesn’t show your face
  • Remove the information from your profile
  • Never use your contact number to create an Instagram account
  • Sign up on Instagram with an anonymous email
  • Search and block people you don’t want to follow on Instagram

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