How to Know if Someone is on Whatsapp Call

Almost everyone is familiar with the extensive range of features available on Whatsapp. This social networking site has become one of the most used and popular platforms on the internet. Now that it has video and voice calling features, people use WhatsApp more often to connect to their loved ones and enjoy a long conversation with their families. However, the question is how do you know if someone is on a WhatsApp voice or video call?

know if someone is on whatsapp call

Have you ever got into a fight with your family or friends just because you wanted to connect with them on Whatsapp, but they didn’t reply to your texts?

How to Know if Someone is on Whatsapp Call

Unfortunately, there is no notification that shows you if someone is on a Whatsapp call with another user. The only way for you to know if the target is busy on a call with someone else is by calling them on Whatsapp. You will get a notification that says “the person you are trying to call is on another call”. If the status shows “ringing”, then their internet connection is on and they are not busy on another call. If it shows “calling”, then the device of the target is not connected to the internet.

So, the simplest way to tell if someone is on another call is by observing the status of the call closely. If you call someone on Whatsapp and the status shows as ringing, it clearly shows that they were not on another call. Here’s how you can call the person on Whatsapp to find if they are talking to someone on WhatsApp audio or video call.

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