How to Fix “There was an Error Playing the Video” in Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp launched a status feature that helped people share their day-to-day events with their friends, colleagues, and social media friends in simple clicks. While the feature works well on both Android and iPhone, sometimes people might face the “Whatsapp status not loading” or “There was an error playing the video” error.

there was an error playing the video

The status we upload on Whatsapp could be fun, motivational, or simply something that shows the love and cares you have towards your friends and family.

But what if these statuses do not show up?

What if you get the “there was an error playing the video” or “this video is not available because something is wrong with the video file” message?

Here’s what the error message looks like:

there was an error playing the video

Perhaps, there is a problem with your device or Whatsapp. Whatever the reason is, you must know that anything can be resolved easily.

Here you can find the complete guide on how to fix “There was an error playing the video” in Whatsapp status.

How to Fix “There was an Error Playing the Video” in Whatsapp Status

Method 1: Observer Other Stories

Check if you are able to view other stories. There are times when other videos are playing well, but you are unable to watch the video uploaded by a particular user.

If that’s the case, then the problem is not in your device or Whatsapp. Maybe, they uploaded the video with a poor connection or in a format that isn’t supported by Whatsapp.

Method 2: Update Whatsapp

If the above steps do not work, go to Google PlayStore or AppStore and re-install Whatsapp. Now see if the issue has been resolved.

there was an error playing the video

There is also a chance you are using the outdated version of Whatsapp. In such a case, you may have to upgrade it to keep viewing the stories.

Method 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Have you checked your internet connection?

The common reason why the videos do not load on Whatsapp status is a poor connection or no connection. Check your connection and turn the data on if it isn’t already.

there was an error playing the video

Perhaps, you have the data on, but the connection is poor.

A slow and poor connection can make it super difficult for you to load Whatsapp videos, which is why you must switch off the phone or turn the airplane mode off to see if things work out.

Method 4: Allow Permissions

Mostly, the poor network is the reason why people are unable to load the videos. You could try to switch to the Wi-Fi connection or another reliable and good network to see if the videos load.

If it still doesn’t work, then go to settings and check the Whatsapp App Permissions. If you have not allowed Whatsapp to access your gallery or media, then probably that’s the reason why you are unable to watch videos.

Final Words:

If you are really curious about the video but can’t play it, consider asking them to send the video on your Whatsapp chat. That’s the only way you could watch the video.

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