How to Check Someone’s Whatsapp Call History

If you are trying to find out if it is possible to monitor someone’s WhatsApp messages and calls on Android and iPhones, then you are in luck because this article will guide you on how to do this. WhatsApp messages and calls can be easily tracked on Android and iPhone devices. But, before describing how you can do this tracking it is important to explain why tracking can be necessary at certain times.

view someones whatsapp call history

The main significance of tracking such message and calls is to ensure security. This is especially true for kids and children. These days, children use smart phones from a very early age. Statistics show that children between the ages of 10 to 14 own smartphones and are particularly addicted to using them.

However, in the real world, no parent would like to leave their children unsupervised with strangers and hence, it is also important to do the same online on the internet. Leaving children unsupervised on social media where they can contact so many strangers, who may have harmful intentions, is not prudent. Ignoring this can make children make wrong life choices or indulge in harmful activities that can adversely their future.

In order to avoid this, you should consider monitoring your children’s smartphones, WhatsApp calls, and messages.

A lot of business owners also consider monitoring their employees’ WhatsApp call records if it happens to concern their work profile. Several companies provide smart phones to their employees for making business and international calls. If it is seen that employees are not producing good results, then the employer may wish to check if they have been making the right calls and sending the right messages or not. This is more so for businesses that specialize in marketing.

However, remember that you need to be aware of the legal clauses that let you monitor electronic personal devices of adults only with their consent. So inform your employees first that their business calls may be tracked for performance checks.

How to Check Someone’s WhatsApp Call History

The easiest and safest way to track someone’s call history is to directly do it from their Whatsapp application. All you would have to do is to take their cell phone, where the target WhatsApp account, is installed.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Whatsapp you will be redirected to the Dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, you will see three options on the top. These are Chats, Status and Calls.
  • You will need to go to the “Calls” section, which is on the right hand side.
  • That’s it! here you will find all time WhatsApp voice and video call record.
  • You will be also able to see who had called whom, on which date the call was made and the duration of the calls.
  • Thus, this will essentially function as a call log. You can check whether the calls were incoming or outgoing and other such information.

This process works for both Android smartphones and iPhones. However, it needs to be mentioned that although this is the easiest way to check call records on WhatsApp, it is still not the safest or most accurate method.

The reason for this is that a user can easily go and delete the WhatsApp call history log. The users can either delete the whole log in its entirety or select specific calls and then delete them. Thus, if someone chooses to hide a specific call that they had made then they would be easily able to do so.

Fortunately, there are a number of third-party software that can help you track WhatsApp calls where the user will not be able to delete the logs. Using this software will let you monitor the target cellphone’s WhatsApp dashboard from your own phone or laptop.

Thus, you can do the monitoring remotely and would not have to physically get hold of the phone. This process will let you monitor the WhatsApp call records in a more prudent and secret manner which can ensure that you are getting the authentic and correct information.

How to Check Someone’s WhatsApp Call History through Third-Party Apps

In order to monitor WhatsApp with such third-party apps, you would have to first root and jailbreak the target Android smartphone or iPhone device. Only after doing this, will you be able to check all the different incoming and outgoing calls from the target WhatsApp account. You can do this remotely from your own phone or laptop’s dashboard.

There are several such apps that are freely available in Playstore and the Appstore. You can get their pro-versions also which will help you to get more features. You will be able to essentially spy on the target WhatsApp account with these software.

All cybersecurity agencies use such software for data tracking. Some of the useful features that you can expect from this software include: checking on the different Contacts saved in the target phone, checking all the text messages, all incoming, outgoing calls, their time duration, time stamps, video call records, sent and received files and so on. Additionally, you can store the details in an online drive which can be safeguarded from getting hacked by someone.

These software also allow you to get GPS tracking for keeping track of your employees or loved ones. You can also monitor their emails and SMS. You have to choose a subscription plan in order to be using all of these features. But as a form of security investment, it is well worth to go for a subscription.


IF you want to check on the WhatsApp call records of someone, then you can do so by using third-party software or by directly checking the target phone itself. These days it would be quite wise to monitor the smartphones of your children and loved ones because there are a lot of dangers that can lurk them online.

However, you should remember that for tracking adults it is important to secure their consent first otherwise you may get into legal trouble.

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