How to Download Instagram Direct Message History

Have you ever deleted old chat history on Instagram only to want it back later? It is not uncommon. Being one of the famous social networking sites, Instagram has gained immense popularity from people around the world. There’s so much to explore on Instagram and a lot of exciting features to use. There are many reasons why you may want to download the direct Instagram messages that got deleted intentionally or unintentionally from your Instagram.

download instagram direct message history

Sadly, Instagram does not have any direct option that allows you to access deleted messages. Whether it is images, videos, or chat, you are going to have to use third-party software apps to recover the deleted messages on Instagram. But, there are other ways too. If you too are looking for a quick and simple way to recover your deleted Instagram chat, you have come to the right place! In this post, we will walk you through the steps for downloading the direct message history on Instagram. Let’s take a look:

How to Download Instagram Direct Message History

While Instagram does not have a direct feature for deleted message recovery, it does have an option that enables users to request the app for the chat history. If you have deleted the Instagram chat from your inbox, the conversation will be removed from your side only. So, the easiest way to retrieve the conversation is by asking the other user to send you the screenshot. However, that method is not a viable solution for all users. And, it doesn’t work if you have unsent the messages. The unsent messages are deleted from both accounts. Fortunately, Instagram has the chat download option that allows you to recover your deleted conversation in simple steps. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1: Open Instagram and tap the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of your screen

Step 2: Choose Settings at the bottom and then Security from the list of options

Step 3: Tap “download data” from the menu

Step 4: Enter the email address where you would like to receive the deleted chats

Step 5: Enter the password to download the deleted chat history and you will get the requested data on your email within 48 hours of requesting.

Note: This information is extremely private so make sure you download it on your computer or smartphone only.

Step 6: When you open the file, you will be redirected to your Instagram login page for security reasons. Enter your Instagram login credentials and access the records.

This method is enough to help you recover the deleted Instagram chats on your device smoothly. However, if you still face any issue or your chat history is not recovered fully, try third-party apps. The only issue with third-party apps is that they do not work well. So, try them carefully. Many software apps claim to help you with your Instagram deleted chat history, but then these apps may or may not work. So, your best bet is to try the above steps first for quick recovery.

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