How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

Remove Phone Number from Instagram: Social media applications have become a rage, not that they were not in the past! But their craze has grown multifold over the years. The anonymity aspect of it is especially appealing to people as they can stalk others under the garb of a false name or identity.

remove phone number from instagram

With all this happening, it is so important that you protect your information and data that is available through your profile, from unwanted elements.

Instagram isn’t a new kid on the block. It has been around for quite a while now. The application has so many interesting features that it is honestly a little difficult to keep a tab of everything that this picture-sharing app has to offer.

What needs to be taken care of is the fact that if the user doesn’t deliberately harness the reach of their data on this application, it will become practically impossible to control the reach of your personal data that is available on your application.

Instagram has a unique feature that allows people who have your number to find you on Instagram. If you wish to maintain a certain degree of privacy in terms of the people who can land up with a follow request on your profile, it is necessary for you to unlink your phone number from your Instagram profile.

It is actually quite simple to remove your number from your Instagram profile.

But one thing you need to be sure of before you take your number off your Instagram profile is to make sure that you have put in a valid email id in your account info so that in case your account ever gets hacked or if you forget your password, you can easily gain back the access of your account.

Let’s explore a step by step procedure to unlink your phone number from Instagram.

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

1) Open your Instagram profile on the laptop/PC

2) click on edit profile on the top right corner of your screen.

3) under the head of private information, make sure that you put in a valid email address.

4) you will get a verification email or code.

5) next, on the same edit profile page go to the heading ‘Privacy and security’.

6) under that look for two factor authentication. If this option is not enabled you don’t have to do anything but in case this option is on you need to turn it off. Two factor authentication makes sure that you are notified of any suspicious activity on your profile but in case you are taking your number off and only have the email id then you don’t need this.

7) Next, on the edit profile page, go to the heading ‘Personal information. Take your number off from there and then click submit.

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