How to Hide Instagram Posts from Someone

It can happen sometimes that you wanted to post something over Instagram but didn’t want everyone to see that post. One of the most asked questions by the users includes “how to hide Instagram posts from someone”? As Instagram is amongst the most famous social media platforms of the present times, their team keeps working on features so that managing privacy becomes easier. There are now options available where one can easily hide stories from specific people without blocking them.

hide instagram post from someone

The best part is that there are also ways by which you can hide somebody’s stories and posts from your wall without the need for unfollowing them. It is a fact that Instagram has been able to provide people all across the world with different kinds of opportunities. Famous Instagram models can share the stories for inspiring the youth as well.

There are also neat tricks by which you can also hide your posts from specific followers and they won’t even know that you did something like that. The feature will make managing your wall or posts much easier in several cases. We have made all of this easy for you. Here is everything that you need to know about hiding Instagram posts from someone that you want!

How To Hide Instagram Posts From Someone

Instagram doesn’t let the users hide posts from specific followers. But some ways can solve this problem. Here we shall talk about some of the techniques that you can try and this will help you in hiding posts from either specific or some of the followers that you have. So for understanding how you can hide posts from specific followers, just keep reading ahead!

1. Change The Account To Private

One of the ways for hiding the Instagram post from some followers is by making your account private. In such cases, your account isn’t public and the people that have sent you to follow requests only will be able to see the posts. Therefore in case you know don’t want specific people to watch your posts, just reject the following requests.

However, this will be a method that works only when that person hasn’t been following you in the present. If that person is already your follower, there will be different ways that you will need to try.

2. Block That Follower

Another way of hiding your Instagram posts from specific followers is by simply blocking them. When you block someone on Instagram, even if they were following you, Instagram will stop that from happening. Moreover, in case your account was public, they won’t be able to see the stories or posts even if there weren’t following you.

Therefore, you can block people and prevent them from taking a look at your posts. However, keep in mind that when one blocks somebody from Instagram, they’ll be unfollowed automatically. And in case the account gets private, the posts won’t be visible either.

3. Archive Posts

You can just archive posts for hiding them from people. When you do this on Instagram, the post isn’t shown on the profile. Therefore people can’t see them, and they won’t even know that such posts existed.

But keep in mind that once you do this, none of the followers will be able to see it and you will be hiding the posts from everyone that follows your account. For archiving a post over Instagram:

  • Go on your Instagram Profile.
  • Tap over the specific video/photo.
  • Tap on the icon with three dots, located on the right side.
  • Now click on ‘Archive’ and the post gets hidden.

Also, whenever you want you can unarchive the post from the settings of your Instagram account as well.

Can We Hide Instagram Stories From Specific Followers?

Regardless of the posts that you had shared on your feed, Instagram also allows the users to hide stories from specific followers. For hiding stories from people, one can also block them as we saw with posts.

Moreover, you can also change your privacy settings and make your account private. This way just people that follow you, will be able to see the stories that you posted. But, there are also direct ways by which you can hide Instagram stories from followers that we shall discuss here!

Hide Stories

Instagram allows the users to hide the story from specific people through setting changes. When you are hiding a story from someone, they won’t get notified that and you will easily be able to hide the content without any stress.

For Hiding Stories from specific followers:

  • Open Instagram and go on your profile.
  • Click on that three-lined icon on the screen top.
  • Tap on the “Setting” option.
  • Go to Privacy and select Story.
  • On your following page, you will be able to tap over the ‘Hide Story From’ option and select one or more people as per your need.

That’s it. Now the selected followers won’t be able to see anything that you had shared on Instagram Stories.

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