How to See When Someone Started Following Someone on Instagram

It is no secret to us that the number of Instagram users is growing consistently every day, but have you ever wondered why? The answer’s clear; no other platform can match the kind of content that’s uploaded on Instagram today. In addition to photos, Instagram also allows users to upload videos, but none of them can be long enough to appear boring.

see when someone started following someone on instagram

Moreover, the release of reels on this platform has only added to its overall appeal. Nowadays, a large number of users are showcasing their creative prowess on this platform.

And then there are Instagrammers who are not interested in posting but use the platform merely as a spectator, following others for entertainment as well as out of curiosity. This curiosity is what leads people to sneak around other users’ activity and keep tabs on them.

Are you someone who wants to have an intimate knowledge of other users, such as when someone new started following them? Well, if you want to explore whether it can be done on Instagram or not, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about how to see when someone started following someone on Instagram.

Can You See Someone’s Activity on Instagram?

If you had come to us with this question before October 2019, we would’ve solved it for you within seconds. However, ever since Instagram decided to re-structure the following tab, it doesn’t allow users to snoop on other users’ activities anymore.

This alteration wasn’t a random rollout either. Many Instagrammers had claimed that the knowledge of their every single activity being with all their followers invaded their privacy on the platform. And when a large number of people faced the same issue, Instagram had to listen to them and get it fixed, which is exactly what it did.

So, if you want to keep tabs on someone’s activity on Instagram now, all you can do is visit their profile constantly to see what they post or upload. What they do on other people’s accounts will remain hidden from you, unless, of course, they’re your mutual friends.

Can You See When Someone Started Following Someone on Instagram?

When it comes to finding the exact date of when someone started following someone on Instagram, the platform avoids it very carefully, except on people’s posts and DMs. Even if you check your own Activity Tab (with a heart icon right next to your profile), you’ll notice how all notifications and activities are timed “xyz ago” instead of the exact date or time.

It’s a clear sign that the information of when someone started following someone else on the platform is seen as a violation of users’ privacy. For this reason, Instagram keeps it hidden. So, unless you register on a third-party app, you cannot find the exact date when someone started following someone.

How to See When Someone Followed Someone on Instagram

Whether you’re looking for more information about someone else’s activity or your own, our answer will remain the same. Instagram won’t tell you exactly when you started following someone and vice versa.

However, when it’s your own account you want to sneak into, you will obviously have more scope than you would with someone else’s account.

So, you want to figure out when someone started following you on Instagram, right? Well, we’re not sure about getting the exact date, but there are a few tricks you can use to get a rough idea of the time. Take a look at these methods and see if they work for you:

Method 1: Do you follow this person back?

If you started following this person back around the same time they did, this is what you can do to get an idea of how long you’ve been following them:

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Go to your profile, and click on your following list on the right side of your profile picture.
  • Once you do, you’ll find the Sort feature right above the list of accounts you follow.
  • When you tap on sort, you’ll find three options. The sorting will be set on default by Instagram, but you can change it to Date followed, with a choice between latest and earliest.
  • Once you’ve sorted the list according to your convenience, scroll down to find this person’s name.
  • Based on which accounts are placed right before and after them, you can get a rough idea of the time around which you connected with them on the platform.

Method 2: Do you talk to them in DMs often?

All of us have friends with whom we might not meet that often but talk incessantly over social media since day 1. If you have such a relationship with this person, then scrolling back to your first conversation with them on Instagram can also help you get an estimate of since when you’ve been connected on the platform.

Method 3: Do they commonly comment on your posts?

Some Instagrammers have a tendency to comment on all posts of the people they follow. If this person is one of those, you can simply check the comments on your posts (if they aren’t that many) and see when they had started.

It can also give you a good idea of when they started following you on Instagram. It is because you might remember connecting with, but you are likely to remember when you had posted that picture/video.

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