Why Does Photo on Instagram Show No Likes But People Actually Liking it?

Instagram is widely popular for its eye-catching interface, easy-to-use features, reels, and a host of other things that have entertained its users for years. But lately, the platform has become popular for a far less interesting thing- bugs.

why does your photo on instagram shows no likes, but people actually liking it

Bugs and glitches are Instagram’s infamous constituents that disturb the users’ experience on the app. The social media platform receives hundreds of bug reports daily. While most of the bugs are fixed pretty quickly, some often go unnoticed once in a while.

In this blog, we will discuss an Instagram issue that’s likely been disturbing you for quite some time.

We all upload photos on Instagram to share with friends and followers. Naturally, we like to get likes on the photos we share. However, a weird issue is now affecting the visibility of the likes of posts. If you have encountered this issue, you would have likely noticed that your photo shows no or very few likes, although you know people actually like it.

Let’s look at this issue, its meaning, and whether it is just another bug or something else.

Why Does Photo on Instagram Show No Likes But People Actually Liking it?

There can be two things these missing likes might mean.

Firstly, you might receive a notification that someone just liked your post. But on opening the post, you see no likes. If such incidents happen occasionally, there is nothing to worry about. Most likely, the person who liked your photo unliked it soon after. And hence, so you don’t see any like from them.

However, if such incidents occur too often, it usually points to a silly technical glitch.

In the second scenario, you might be able to see the likes on your photos, but other people might not see any likes or see very few likes compared to what you can see. This is the more common and problematic case, as the number of likes you see differs from the number of likes your followers see. If this is the case with you, the issue is nothing but one of Instagram’s common bugs that are being experienced by thousands of fellow Instagrammers.

Final Words

Instagram is full of amazingly unique features that offer a great online experience to its users. However, the platform also offers a lot of bugs that can adversely affect this experience and leave you frustrated. So, if you notice a problem with the likes of some of your Instagram photos, it likely indicates the presence of a technical bug.

This blog has discussed some common methods that can fix this issue for you. If it helped you get rid of this irritating Instagram glitch, show us some support by sharing it with your friends.

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