Can You Check Who Views Your VSCO?

Which social media platforms do you love the most? Do you like using Facebook? Or do you prefer Instagram over other platforms? Are you a Snapchatter? No matter which platform you use and like the most, photos remain at the core of almost every social media platform. Sharing photos is integral to using social media platforms, and everyone wants to upload the most beautiful photos. And when it comes to making your photos beautiful, the name of VSCO is often the first to pop up.

can you check who views your vsco

VSCO is known for the way it can transform personal selfies and photos into professional-looking shots with stunning filters and effects. It is one of the most effective online photo and video editing platforms.

But what distinguishes VSCO from other editing apps is that you can upload photos for everyone else to see. The platform goes beyond being the usual photo-editing app by providing creative users a chance to show their creative edits to the world.

However, can you see who has seen your photos? If you are wondering about this, we have an answer for you. Keep reading to find out whether you can check who Views your VSCO profile and photos.

Is it Possible to Check Who Views Your VSCO?

VSCO enables its users to share their photos with fellow VSCO users, just like on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But these popular social media platforms don’t provide the amazing editing features that make every mundane photo beautiful. Well, VSCO provides both, and the combination of these two features- editing and sharing- makes the platform one of its kind.

However, VSCO is quite different from social media platforms in terms of privacy and engagement. So, if you are wondering whether you can see who has viewed your photos, the short answer is NO, you can’t.

Amid hundreds of engagement-oriented social media platforms, VSCO remains a fairly privacy-oriented platform focusing more on photos and less on making connections. You can share your photos with others. But you cannot see who viewed your photos. Similarly, you can see as many photos as you like, but the uploaders don’t get to know if you viewed them.

If you have been using other platforms, you would know this is nothing new. Even Instagram- a popular place to connect with people- doesn’t show you who viewed your posts. Facebook, too, doesn’t show you the view history of posts. So, it’s not surprising that VSCO doesn’t show you who Views your photos or profile.

Can third-party platforms help?

Third-party apps often come to the rescue when direct methods fail to help. Unfortunately, though, even third-party platforms cannot help you in the case of VSCO.

This is because VSCO doesn’t store the info about viewers in any publicly available database. As such, no third-party platform can tell you about this info as it won’t be able to know that itself.

Can you see who is following you on VSCO?

After two negative answers, here comes a little hope of positivity. YES. You can see who is following you on VSCO. This is perhaps the only option VSCO provides to let you know whether your photos are being appreciated by others.

You can see your following list by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the VSCO app and log in to your account using Google, Facebook, or any other method.

Step 2: Go to the Home tab of the app.

Step 3: Tap on the Face emoji icon at the top-left corner of the screen to go to the People section.

Step 4: On the People screen, you will see four buttons- Suggested, Contacts, Following, and Followers. Tap on the Followers button to see the list of your followers.

Why VSCO is much different from other platforms:

There are more layers to VSCO’s uniqueness than the mere absence of the who-viewed-your-photo feature. The platform has kept itself free of several features fundamental to most other social media platforms.

For example, there is no option to like or comment on any photo you see. As a viewer, you can mark a photo as your favorite or repost it if you like. But you cannot express your thoughts on the photos by words or likes. Seems a bit weird, right? Well, it does.  But there is a reason for that.

VSCO doesn’t want itself to be mistaken for a usual social media platform. It is a photo-editing app at its core, and these features reflect this thought. You can edit your photos as you like and post them on VSCO for the world to see. But you don’t need to worry about likes or dislikes.

In this age of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, when almost everyone is chasing likes and appreciation, VSCO allows creative photographers and artists to show their work without bothering what others think of it. You can create beautiful effects, play with colors, background, and saturation, and end up with beautifully edited images that can be saved and uploaded directly.

Perhaps this is why so many people are now trying out VSCO more than ever. After all, everyone needs an occasional break from the usual stream of likes and comments. And VSCO has been providing that much-needed break for years.

So, if you are a photography buff looking for a break from the hustle-bustle of social media while admiring beautiful photos, VSCO awaits you with its simplicity.

Closing thoughts

VSCO is an awesome app for editing photos and sharing them with people. However, it is not a platform that focuses much on engagement. It doesn’t allow users to see who has viewed or liked your photos.

Although you can edit and upload your photos and show them to everyone, there is no way to see the viewers. The platform doesn’t even provide the option to like or comment on photos shared by people. All of these characteristics make VSCO different from most social media apps.

You cannot know who viewed your photos, but we know that you have viewed this blog till now. If you have more questions about VSCO, drop a comment immediately.

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