How to Find Out Who is Behind a Fake Snapchat Account

Having an account on Snapchat is so much fun. Streaking your precious moments of the day with a quick camera snap has been a favorite activity of so many users. And who doesn’t like the snap filters, communications, videos, and much more? But it becomes a hurdle in your happiness when facing Snapchat fake accounts. Fake accounts could be anyone, such as bot, spam, spoof, or a hate speech account.

find out who is behind a fake snapchat account

Finding the real identity behind any Snapchat fake account on our own isn’t an easy job to do, especially in the case of Bot and Spam accounts.

Also, Snapchat has a privacy policy. So even if the account is considered fake according to the activities being done by that Snapchat account holder, its privacy will still be protected by Snapchat.

The easiest option is to block or mute the fake account holder. But if you wish to know the details behind the fake user, you can try these ways to trap the fake Snapchat id.

Top Tricks to Trap a Fake Snapchat Account Holder

Looking out for some solutions to know the real identity behind a fake Snapchat account? Here is what you can do

Report On Snapchat

The most common way is to file a report on Snapchat. Every social media platform has created a page for reporting accounts and content. You may or may not get to know the real identity but reporting an account can save you from further cyber attacks by the fake user.

find out who is behind a fake snapchat account

Report The Case In Cyber Cell

Cyber Crime is an important issue to deal with. Snapchat may not always give you a quick or an actual response on your Snapchat report. If your case is serious, don’t wait to report a case in an actual cyber cell.

Officials at the cyber cell will help you to keep your identity safe and, at the same time, track all the important details and stop the unfair use by the fake Snapchat account holder.

Know The Location

Snap Map can be a good tool that can be used to know the location of the device being used by a fake account holder. Location can help you analyze when searching amongst a set of people you doubt.

But if the fake account holder hasn’t enabled the Snap Map, then you can use the websites made for this purpose.

Select any of such trustable social media tracker websites and choose Snapchat. Now that you have access to the website, search on the search bar and select the confirm button.

You can know the exact IP address of the user from this. After the IP address, you might get directed to a page that tells you “unlock all details.”

Click on it, and you might be redirected to a page that informs you of the exact location, IPV4, state/region/country of the user.

Now, this isn’t as easy as it looks while reading, but if you get the right track, you might get your desired search too.

Some of the apps/websites you can refer are

  • mSpy
  • iKeyMonitor
  • FoneMonitor

How to use Snapchat IP Address Finder?

IP tracking is a useful way to detect fake profiles. Try these steps

  • Search the account on the Finder Box
  • Clear Captcha Verification
  • Click Submit
  • Figure Out The Location

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a tip and trick to trap a social media user into what you wish to know or ask it to do. Slide into the comment section and DMs of the person. Introduce yourself and talk.

Try to ask questions or talk in a walk that could indirectly reveal certain information which might be helpful for you to know the reality behind a fake account.

But make sure not to reveal too much of your personal or any other information which can be used to harm you. It’s advised to use tricks that don’t backfire!

Image Searches

If the fake account you are dealing with has left any clue about any picture or profile photo, then you can check its details using Google Image Search.

Save or Screenshot that image and search for it on Google.

Google might find your desired output if any social media details are related to that picture. However, there are high chances that the fake profile user has also opted for a fake profile photo. So be careful while analyzing.

Snapchat UserName Reverse Lookup

Search engines are the best solution sources. Search- “Snapchat Username Reverse Lookup” and choose a website of your choice.

You can find a person’s email, phone number, or other social media accounts based on the results of these websites.

Look at the guide of their on-screen instructions to know more about the use. But be sure to confirm the site’s legitimacy.

Quest Finished,

With the rise in Internet activities, a disease called fake accounts has also been widespread.

Snapchat is fun and keeps enjoying the same joyful experience by avoiding purposeful interactions with fake ids. But if it’s important to do so, then take note of the essential steps too.

Tracking a fake account without legal support is a difficult task to achieve. We can never say that a trick will 100% land up to reveal a user’s real identity. But they can take you near to your desired answer.

Try the steps mentioned earlier to get a better idea about Snapchat fake accounts. And to know more about such informative ideas, stay with us on our blogs!

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