How to Fix Screen Recording Can’t Initialize on Xnspy

XNSPY is one of many well-known names in remote monitoring software. Many people from around the world find utility in XNSPY‘s extensive spying features. The spying app has also been in the business for quite some time, nailing its reputation as an app that can be used to gain access to phones and tablets remotely.

fix screen recording can't initialize on xnspy

Features such as…

  • Call history
  • Call recording
  • SMS watch list terms
  • Incoming/outgoing SMS reader
  • Remote screen recording
  • Ambient recording

…are all included in the software. XNSPY is integrated with several popular social networking apps, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more through its screen recording functionality. It allows parents and businesses to read all of these applications’ discussions remotely and it’s one of the app’s most popular features.

But there are moments when the screen recording can fail. Some users were occasionally met with the “Screen Recording Can’t Initialize” error when they tried to use the feature. Today, we’ll help you resolve this once and for all.

What is XNSPY Screen Recording?

XNSPY enables parents to monitor their children’s social media communications, which can aid in the learning process. How? Very simple – through the screen recorder, parents can get more details in real-time of their social media activities with periodically taken screenshots. Then they can assess if their children are bullied and if it is the primary cause of their poor grades.

fix screen recording can't initialize on xnspy

It is also a great way to highlight any bad actors or bullies that may be lurking on social media apps and consistently being a nuisance. Parents can identify them before things get out of hand.

The screenshot is obtained in stealth mode so that the people involved are not alarmed and can deny the incident and remove all evidence of the threatening communications. This is why XNSPY has a competitive advantage over other mobile phone tracking applications on the market.

The software can also function as a backup server for storing data, storing all messages and conversations if a user deletes their social media apps or takes a break from social media. It can also free up extra space on their phones, as instant messages can take up a lot of cache and storage space because these apps save them on the phone owner’s device automatically.

How Does XNSPY Screen Recording Work?

You can acquire the phone screen by taking a remote screenshot of the target phone at any time, or by recording the screen video. You can view the screen after shooting it. You can also save images and movies for later use.

fix screen recording can't initialize on xnspy

Screenshots of the monitored mobile phone screen are saved and can be viewed remotely at any time. Furthermore, the mobile phone monitoring program software can eavesdrop on and record phone displays without being interrupted. And it is all done discreetly in stealth mode.

fix screen recording can't initialize on xnspy

This is the screenshot of the user’s chat on Snapchat.

Now that we know how the XNSPY screen recorder works, let’s see what is needed to fix it.

How to Fix Screen Recording Can’t Initialize on Xnspy

There are four main ways how the screen recording function of this Android phone tracking software can be fixed.

1. Check Storage Space on Device and Dashboard

Insufficient storage space is the most common reason why XNSPY’s spy screen recorder for Android fails to take screenshots of the target device. But there is an easy fix to this problem.

You have to unlock the target device and check if it has sufficient storage to save the screenshots. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage. Once you’re in storage, you can see which files are taking up the majority of the storage space.

Photos and video files usually take up most of the storage space. You can back up the photos on the cloud and delete them from your phone. Or you can simply delete the videos that you have watched or download them in lower resolution.

I suggest you use a specialized app to clean up unnecessary junk files and cache. You’d be surprised how much space can be cleared up just by cleaning the cache and junk files.

You can also check the storage space of your Dashboard account by going into the settings and looking for the online storage option. It will show you how much space is available on your account. You can delete the files directly from this menu.

Otherwise, XNSPY clears up files saved on its servers automatically after every 30 days. It is an extremely useful facility ever since the Android phone tracking software allowed screenshots to be saved at higher resolutions.

2. Ensure the Device is Unlocked

Sometimes XNSPY stops recording when the device is locked and the screen is turned off. XNSPY automatically takes screenshots every 5 seconds but it can miss a few screenshots if the device isn’t unlocked, resulting in the Screen Recording Can’t Initialize error.

But XNSPY has an easy fix to this. It has a built-in feature called Remote Control options that allow the user to take control of the target device remotely. It is exactly as the name implies. And in the Remote Control options are a few functions that help solve the screen recording issue.

  • First is Take Screenshot which will automatically take a screenshot whenever you press the Take Screenshot button.
  • The second is Unlock Device. It will allow the account owner to unlock the monitored device with a press of a button. And once the device is unlocked, the spy screen recorder for Android will automatically resume taking screenshots.
fix screen recording can't initialize on xnspy

3. Update the App

This is a self-explanatory fix as, like most apps, many core features start to break down if the app isn’t updated to the latest version. Just download the APK file of the newest version and install the app like you usually do. You may use the XNSPY latest APK download which will get emailed to you once you buy the subscription.

You can also automatically update the app via your Dashboard by going to Settings > License > Version. If a new update is available a button will appear prompting the account user to update the app. It will take a few minutes for the app to get updated.

The device will be reset with the latest version and the screen recording should initiate without fail.

4. Check for Connection or Server Issues

Sometimes when there is a new update XNSPY servers can be temporarily offline. And if you are in the process of taking screenshots, you may get the error. You will also encounter it if there are new features launched for the app or if a system-crashing bug is discovered.

Servers can also be overwhelmed when there is too much traffic on the XNSPY network. It may temporarily cause the app to stop working correctly. Some users might not even be able to log into their Dashboard account for some time.

But these are all momentary issues that can be fixed by refreshing, logging out, and re-logging into your account and clearing the browser cache.

We hope this helpful guide has proven useful in eliminating the dreaded screen recording error on the Xnspy dashboard. By following our steps, you can ensure you get uninterrupted screen recording of photos and videos in real time.

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