How to Hide Last Seen on Instagram 2020

As the world goes digital, our social media apps tend to be our go-to activity to pass time. Often, we use the apps to show our life, get the latest news and updates to everything around us and interact with people who have the same interests as us. Little did we know, apps can also give away information about you that might not be noticeable. These are usually done through subtle app updates that, let’s be real, no one really delves much into that unless you’re a social media savvy person.

Hide Last Seen on Instagram

One of the most annoying updates that social media apps create are the ones which no one asks for. Instagram’s “Last Activity Status”, is a perfect example of this irritating cycle of unwanted social media updates. This is comparable to the activity status seen on Facebook’s Messenger App and several other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. This type of feature does not only let other people know when you’ve last used your account, but also puts pressure on the user to respond immediately especially if people whom you aren’t so close to message you. Don’t worry, you won’t seem rude or aloof, in fact doing this will take the pressure off your shoulders and will give you mental clarity in the long run.

hide last seen on instagram

This feature can be seen on your direct messages which indicate the last time you were seen active. It could indicate the period on time in year, weeks, days, hours, or even minutes. This feature can only be seen when a user sends another user a direct message. While this might seem useful to some, other users might find to be too much of an invasion to personal privacy. Putting yourself out online and uploading photos of your personal life doesn’t have to mean telling everyone when you were last active.

Exposing this kind of information to other people could cause users to feel disturbed as if someone is watching them, and in a digital world, nobody wants that kind of snooping. With the ever-transforming digital world, we must also be ready to protect ourselves from the public especially when we choose to put everything online. But of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from technology and become a hermit! This only means that we have to be ready and knowledgeable when it comes to what we use online since a single mistake could change everything. We’re here to help you with your social media woes, teaching you to keep your digital atmosphere a safe space for you.

It’s actually very easy to hide your Last Activity Status on Instagram, simply follow these steps below to hide or disable your last seen activity from other users and start protecting your privacy.

Step 1: Open your account on Instagram and head over to your profile account.

Step 2: Tap the three-lined icon on the top-right corner of your phone screen and choose Settings from the window.

Step 3: Next, select Privacy and another window will pop-up.

Step 5: Opt to tap on “Activity Status” which should be on the 4th row.

Step 4: By default, your “Show Activity Status” will be active especially if you are running an updated Instagram app. Toggle the sliding button on the right to disable the Last Activity Status. And that’s it, your Instagram account is now one step to being a safe and protected account.

It is important to note that after you disable this feature, you will not be able to see other users’ Last Activity Status as well. While this isn’t the goal when disabling the setting, it only seems fair to other users that you don’t see their last activity status too.

Perhaps an article like this seems too much for you but trust us when we say that your privacy and your choice to protect it is one of the most important things to do when you decide to upload and share your life online.

Social media changes the way we live on a daily basis. It could often dictate how we do things and what we want. Algorithms are an obvious but useful product of this information-sharing trend going on in the digital world wherein companies get a hold of our information easily. However, that doesn’t mean that we agree to share everything that we want online especially if it is something that we control every day. Nobody wants to be labeled as rude because she didn’t respond or lazy because he’s always on the app. People have their own ways of managing their time and their life, basically, and disabling the Last Activity Status can relieve you of the distress about other people judging you in ways that aren’t true. Besides, the last thing we want is for technology to take over our whole life without us knowing about it.

A user’s social media use shouldn’t be exposed to the public as this could also be used for by stalkers which put the user in danger. This is especially crucial for younger users who are very vulnerable to these types of online crime. Other possible motives could also come up from this that could cause stress to the user like getting pressured to give responses to people you are not very well acquainted with. Little things like this make a huge difference in protecting one’s social media accounts.

It may seem insignificant to other people but even the smallest of changes to your account could protect you from possible harm online. It is better that you know how to protect your privacy in circumstances similar to this when other people are involved as well. We hope that this article has helped you with your Instagram-dilemma and we hope that this article inspires you to be more alert and knowledgeable when it comes you internet privacy even if it is as simple as hiding your Last Activity Status.

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