How to See All Comments You Made on Instagram [2023]

All of us are familiar with seeing comments like “great,” “pretty,” “awesome,” and “nice” under our pictures and videos on various social media platforms. But do these comments truly make you happy? We highly doubt that such thoughtless, repetitive comments could elicit any response other than frustration or annoyance.

see all comments you posted on instagram

But not all comments on social media are like that, are they? Some comments are also thoughtful, meaningful, and personalized; it is comments like these that stay etched forever in the hearts of both the sender and the recipient.

If you’re an active Instagram user, you might’ve written such thoughtful comments for someone at some point of time, right? And while it’s hard for you to keep track of all your comments inside your head, what about Instagram? Can it do that for you?

Well, that’s what we’re here to figure out. If you’ve wanted to check all the comments you’ve made on others in the past for a while, stick with us till the end to figure out how that’s done.

Can You See All Comments You Made on Instagram?

Yes, you can see all comments you made on Instagram with the help of Your Activity feature. While such a thing wasn’t possible before, in one of Instagram’s recent updates, it was rolled out with the enhanced Your Activity feature.

The servers of Instagram, just like the servers of any other social media platform, are nothing but dense networks filled with any and all information their users provide. In simpler words, these servers are like giant log registers containing every piece of information every user ever inputs.

However, just because Instagram has it all stored doesn’t mean it will make that information available publicly; that’s not how things work. This is where security and privacy come in; the Instagram Team must respect these and make data available accordingly.

An example of it was the removal of the previous Activity tab on Instagram. Initially, Instagram’s Activity tab had two sections: one for users’ own activities and the other for the activities of the people they followed.

While the Activity tab held a great appeal for Instagram users in the beginning, soon, people started finding it disturbing. The idea of others snooping on every like, comment, and follow they made on the platform seemed wrong to them. As a result, Instagram had to remove that section in one of the later updates. And ever since then, the platform has been quite careful about the information they provide their users.

How to See All Comments You Made on Instagram

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.

Step 2: From the Home tab you land on, navigate the thumbnail of your profile picture in the bottom-right corner and tap on it.

Step 3: It will take you to your Profile tab. Here, navigate a Hamburger icon on the top-right corner of your screen, right next to the Create icon with a plus sign on it. When you find it, tap on it.

Step 4: As soon as you do that, a menu will slide up your screen with multiple options like Settings, Archive, and Saved listed on it.

The second option on this menu is of Your Activity, which has a clock-like icon drawn next to it. Tap on it to go to the Your Activity tab.

Step 5: On the Your Activity tab, you’ll find yet another list of options. The third option on this list is of Interactions with two arrows facing opposite sides drawn next to it; tap on it.

Step 6: Once you reach the Interactions tab, you’ll see three options: Comments, Likes, and Story replies. You’ll also notice how a grey, right-facing arrow is drawn next to each of them.

Step 7: Because we need to check the comments here, tap on the first option, and you’ll be taken to the Comments tab.

It is on this tab where you’ll see all your comments arranged in the Newest to oldest order. If you want to check an older comment and don’t want to keep scrolling for hours, you’ll also find a Sort & filter button where you can change your sorting preferences.

And that’s not even all; there’s more this tab can help you with. Suppose you come by a comment you made years ago that seems incredibly cringy or immature to you. Do you want to delete it? Because that can be done, too.

Did you notice a blue Select option located at the top right corner of the screen? Well, once you tap on it, little circles will appear next to each of your comments. If you tap on any single (or more than one) comment, a Delete button will appear on the bottom; tap on this button, and those comments will be deleted.

There you go. Now you know exactly how you can access all the comments made by you on Instagram in a single place. Don’t keep all of this to yourself now; spread the word around so that others can benefit from it, too.

Can You See All the Comments Someone Made on Instagram?

Well, there is a way to do that, but we doubt you’re going to like it. It is because, unlike the comments made by you that are stored at one place in the Your Activity tab, there’s no specific destination for the comments made by others on your posts.

So, if you want to do that, the best way is to manually check each one of your posts to locate these comments. If Instagram launches a shortcut for it in the future, we’ll make sure it reaches you.

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