Do Emojis Disappear on Snapchat If You Don’t Communicate for a Few Days?

There are a host of social media platforms with their own set of unique features to keep their users engaged. However, one platform stands out as the most creative and interactive in terms of the sheer variety of unique features it offers. As a messaging and social networking platform, Snapchat bustles with creativity. It has some of the most interesting features that make messaging and snapping more fun and enjoyable.

do emojis disappear on snapchat if you don't communicate for a few days

One of these unique features is the collection of friend emojis, which appear beside your friends’ names on Snapchat. These interactive emojis appear on the chat screen depending on your and your friends’ messaging activities.

These emojis can appear automatically beside a friend and denote several things, such as best friends, BFFs, Mutual Besties, and much more. However, can they also disappear suddenly just as they appear? Let’s find out.

How do emojis appear on Snapchat?

Friend emojis are an integral part of the messaging experience on Snapchat. They are like badges that denote some specific status symbols regarding your friends.

The most interesting part of these emojis is that they appear on their own. This means you see one of these emojis suddenly one day without you having to do anything. However, this doesn’t mean they appear randomly beside any friend’s name.

To understand how these emojis appear, you need to understand their meaning of these emojis. Let us explain with some examples.

😊: If you use Snapchat for chatting and snapping with friends, you must have seen this emoji beside one or more friends’ names. Now, it doesn’t randomly next to anyone’s name.

This emoji– called the Best Friend emoji– appears when Snapchat notices that you talk with some specific friends more than others. Therefore, you will only see this emoji next to the friends you send the most snaps.

Another common emoji you might see next to a friend’s name is the yellow heart emoji 💛. It only appears next to a friend if you both are each other’s #1 besties. In other words, you send the most snaps to this friend, and they send the most snaps to you. If both these conditions satisfy, this emoji appears next to the friend.

There are many other emojis like the red heart, double pink heart, fireball, or hourglass. Each of these appears when you and your friend fulfill some specific conditions, like having a mutual best friend, a mutual #1 best friend, snapping to and fro every day, and so on.

Do Emojis Disappear on Snapchat If You Don’t Communicate for a Few Days?

As discussed above, emojis appear on Snapchat when you and your friend fulfill the specific conditions of those emojis. However, at some point in time, you may no longer be fulfilling those conditions.

For example, if you suddenly stop snapping with a friend who had a 😊 emoji next to their name, will Snapchat still consider them your best friend?

Or, if someone is no longer your #1 best friend on Snapchat, will the yellow heart 💛 still adorn your friend list beside that friend’s name?

The answer to these questions is a NO. The appearance and disappearance of these emojis depend on the fulfillment of their specific criteria. The emojis remain only as long as the conditions are met. But as soon as you stop communicating with your friends, the conditions are no longer met, and everything snaps shut. The emojis disappear.

How long does it take for the emojis to disappear on Snapchat

Your friend emojis can disappear on Snapchat if you stop communicating with people on the platform. While it’s true that not interacting with people can get your emojis removed on Snapchat, we didn’t tell you exactly how long it can take for the emojis to disappear.

So, for how long do these emojis appear?

The answer is naturally not very specific and varies for each emoji you see. Since each of these emojis depends on a specific condition, their disappearance also depends on that condition.

There is no specific period for the appearance or disappearance of friend emojis on Snapchat. For example, if you have a best friend emoji 😊 next to a friend but suddenly stop chatting with them today, the emoji might not disappear suddenly. It will take a few days for Snapchat to understand that you no longer talk with this person. The same is true for other similar emojis like besties 💛, BFFs ❤️, or Super BFFs 💕.

However, some emojis can disappear almost instantly. This is true for the Mutual BFs (😎) or Mutual Besties 😬 emojis. Since these emojis depend on mutual best friends and mutual #1 best friend, they can disappear if either you or the other friend remove the mutual best friend(s) from your account.

The Snapstreak emoji (🔥) can disappear from a friend’s name if you two don’t send snaps to each other within 24 hours.

Closing thoughts

Snapchat is a great platform to chat with friends, especially if you like chatting with emojis. The platform makes messaging more fun by giving you emojis both inside and outside the chat screen.

Friend emojis on Snapchat can appear according to your chatting behavior on the platform. But they can disappear just as suddenly as they appeared. In this blog, we discussed how and when different emojis appear on Snapchat.

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