How to Fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform, which stands as a widely popular social media platform besides Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. With Instagram, you can share your favorite photos and videos with your friends and other followers, share your stories, statuses, and Direct Messages with almost anyone who is on Instagram. This renowned social media app boasts of around over a billion users worldwide and happens to be the second-largest social media platform now.

we limit how often you can do certain things on instagram

Many Instagram users spend most of their time online keeping up with their friends and relatives online along with catching up with the news and updates from them. However, it is always important to be well aware of all the rules and regulations of Instagram and accordingly limit the likes, comments, follows, unfollows, Direct messages, and more.

If you are aware of the limitations of the activities that you can perform on Instagram, then you can also be careful and protect your Instagram account from being banned and along with that, you can also ensure multiple engagements on it. 

Though we ought to say that while using Instagram day to day, most of us find that the limits imposed by Instagram are increasingly annoying but most of the time, these limits are put in place to keep the user accounts safe and fortify the overall security of the app.

Most of our frustrations with regard to Instagram limitations depend on the limits that the app has declared or the rules and regulations laid by the app.

However, if you want to know about the limitations and how to fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram, then this article will provide you with all you need to know.

Looking at the Instagram Limitations?

If you are wondering about all the limitations put forward by Instagram for their users to follow and you don’t know them, then here we bring you all that you should know.

There are many limits by Instagram for its users. To start with, there are limitations on Instagram’s likes, follows people to be tagged, and a lot of others. Thorough knowledge of all the limits of Instagram is believed to further improve the performance of Instagram on our devices and also help us limit our ability to do certain things on the app.

Note – These limitations are purely based on observations and thorough research. Instagram never really stated anywhere openly about these limitations.

The limitations of any app or social media platform depend on a whole range of factors like your account activities. These diverse ranges of factors play a crucial role in determining how you can limit your actions accordingly.

Among some of the major factors on which the Instagram limitations depend is the age of your Instagram account. Instagram or any other digital entity puts more trust upon older accounts and associations than it does when it comes to the newer ones. An air of suspicion always surrounds the newer account regardless of what the platform is. Therefore, as soon as a new Instagram account begins to like too many posts or share them or follows too many people, the algorithm of the app might detect it as spam or bot-like behavior, thereby limiting your actions on the platform.

Another factor on which the limitations on Instagram depend is the number of followers. The other factors that influence the limits on Instagram accounts include the activities performed to form a given account and the engagement.

Note that if your account is new, then it will be prone to getting more limitations than if it is an aged one. Also, in case your account is inactive, you would be vulnerable to more limitations than an account that exhibits a high engagement rate.

The algorithm Instagram has now become smarter than ever. With the recent updates, it has become so powerful as to track the past activities of the users on the other social media platforms and determine whether the account is operated by a human or a bot.

Here are some of the major limitations that you have to keep in mind being an Instagram user.

How to Fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram

1. Limits on Following and Unfollowing

According to Instagram, follows and unfollows are considered as one activity. Therefore, when it comes to following and unfollowing accounts, one can follow or unfollow 200 accounts each day. So, if you are following or unfollowing 10 people each hour, then you can rest assured that your account will be safe and protected from the suspicious eyes of Instagram.

How to stay within the limits?

You need to be aware that the limits of following and unfollowing do not apply to just how many people can follow you. In case you are on Instagram with a fairly new account, then it is recommended to start out slowly and then increase your activities with time. Therefore, you can increase the number of accounts you follow and unfollow every week.

A good suggestion is to start out by following and unfollowing 50 Instagram accounts in the first week. In the second week, you can double the number, and following which you can add more accounts to follow and unfollow. If you are following and unfollowing too much and too fast, then your actions might seem to be spamming the account, and as a result of which Instagram is expected to take strict measures to restrict the same. It might set limitations for your account or also suspend the account until it is convinced that you’re not a bot.

2. Limits on the likes

Another limitation of Instagram is the limit on the likes of an account. Yes, we often like most of the posts we see because they are mostly from the friends and celebs that we are following. Therefore, double-tapping a post to show our love for it is such a normal reaction really.

However, you must know that Instagram has set limitations to how many posts you can actually double-tap while you are using Instagram and if you fail to follow the same, then that might lead to limiting your actions. Furthermore, you can also get blocked on social media platforms.

How to stay within the limits?

The maximum number of times that you can double-tap on the Instagram posts from your account and like posts is 1000 a day. This sounds quite lenient in terms of limits that you can follow easily. In most cases, we don’t even touch it. However, you should always take guard that you don’t cross this limit to prevent yourself from being locked out of the account. With a careful eye, you can easily stay below the set limits. It’s always great to stick around 700-800 likes each day if you tend to like more.

Another thing to note is that when it comes to new Instagram accounts, you might not have the same limits. If your account is new, then you need to consider your limitations to a lot less than 1000, so be careful.

3. Limitation on the Comments

Another important feature of Instagram is to comment on the posts that we see appearing on our accounts. It is in fact one of the most common activities that we like to indulge in on social media platforms. However, much like other activities, Instagram has also put limitations to the number of comments that you can drop from your Instagram account per day.

When introducing this limitation, Instagram notes 2 kinds of commenting issues before taking strict actions against it:

  • Firstly, you should not comment more.
  • Secondly, you should not paste the same comment on multiple posts.

How to stay within the limits?

For the first limit, you need to be careful not to post more than 180-200 comments from your account each day on the platform. This number can be a bit less on the newer accounts but take note that the total number of comments you make shall be less than 200.

When it comes to the second limit, you must be careful when commenting that you do not post the same comment over and over. This is because putting the same comments on multiple posts makes it look spammy.

Duplicate comments are a strict no-no for Instagram users as it is with any other websites or social media platforms and in case you overdo this, then your account might be punished for the same. Furthermore, you also need to keep in mind to text something and not comment with emojis alone because that way Instagram will find it suspicious and bot-like.

4. Limits on the Caption or the Characters on the Comments

This is an easy limitation and you can discover this one easily on your own. Yes, we are talking about the total number of characters you can type in when it comes to captions and in the comments. The total number of characters that you can put in your Instagram caption and comments is now set at 2200 characters.

How to stay within the limits?

Instagram has no intention to limit your creativity but you need to keep in mind that you don’t stretch it and make things long and boring for others. Also, you need to remember that short and crisp creative captions and comments always work best and are mostly preferred by Instagram users from all over the globe.

Therefore, you need to take care of what you post and make sure you post things straight to the point and don’t digress. With this, you can easily prevent the total number of characters used from extending beyond the set limits.

Besides, you also maintain the criteria that disallow you to put down everything in emojis and no text to back up the same. In case you overdo this activity, then your account might be flagged as spam. Furthermore, your Instagram account might also get punished for such an action.

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