How to Bypass File Size Limit on Discord [Working]

Discord is a fairly new app on the scene as it was launched in 2016 but regardless of that, this platform had managed to shape a niche for itself. Discord has over a quarter of a billion users and people are categorically impressed by its supremely user friendly nature.

bypass file size limit on discord

This application is free and can be accessed from any device. The users can indulge in an unlimited exchange of video, textual and audio content through this application.

Although the primary focus of this application, when it was launched was basically on the gamers but now diverse groups of people have started joining this platform because of its wide variety of features.

Discord users might have wondered at times that the image or video that they are trying to send to someone just doesn’t send and keeps on buffering. Also, you will receive an error message like “Your files are too powerful!” and “Max file size is 8MB. Upgrade to Discord Nitro for 100MB file limit!”

The reason is that there is an 8 MB threshold on the file size that you can upload through Discord.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot send a heavier file. We are here to guide you through the various ways with which you can transfer heavier files to your family and friends with ease.

How to Bypass File Size Limit on Discord

Method 1: Compress the File

You can cut your heavy file into smaller files that are below the 8MB threshold. After that, you can easily share the smaller files.

Method 2: Get Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is basically a booster that gives the user a diverse various if in chat parks including an increase in the file sharing threshold.

You can get Discord Nitro to make sure that your image or video sharing threshold is bumped up to 100 MB.

But if you are not too comfortable with purchasing Discord Nitro to exchange larger files, there is a way around that too. Let us walk you through the third and last method.

Method 3: Upload Data on Imgur

Imgur is the only picture and video sharing application. The best thing is that the threshold limit for sharing images or videos through Imgur is 200 MB. This limit is double the size of Discord.

  • Download the Imgur app on your phone and if you using your desktop then you can visit
  • Upload the photo or vidoe and post it while keeping the settings public.
  • At the bottom of the screen you should be able to see a share sign.
  • Copy the link of the video that you just shared on Imgur.
  • Paste it in Discord and you should be able to share it on Discord with ease.

Another option that might be available to you would be to download hex editor.

  • You can download Hex editor.
  • Upload the file that you wish to change the size of.
  • Alter the size of the same.
  • Save the file and then finally upload the saved file to Discord.


Discord doesn’t give you any direct way to bypass its file threshold limit. Even with Discord Nitro, the user cannot go above 100 MB. With the hacks that we discussed above, you can upload the files of your choice to Discord.

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