How to Know if Someone Read Your Message on Discord

Discord is one of the social spaces that allow you to connect with your friends, team, and other like-minded people. Discord also offers you features apart from being just a chat platform. This also helps you in staying in touch with people that share the server can also ping the other person directly.

know if someone read your message on discord

But can you tell if the other person read your message on Discord? If you had sent a message and they don’t send you a reply, you often think that you did something wrong. On our website, we constantly get such questions. And it was time to now speak more on the subject with relevant information.

Just keep reading the blog if you are interested to know if you can know when the other person read your message over Discord. Let’s start!

Firstly, let’s begin with the most important aspect of the query. Can you tell if the other person read your message over Discord? Well, the answer to this is no. Discord doesn’t make use of any feature that includes read receipts or send notifications through the system. This can be great though, but opinions on the subject can certainly differ from person to person.

We shall also be discussing some other important questions that are commonly asked on Discord and might be issues that are faced by a lot of users of the platform.

Does Discord offer the feature of Read Receipts?

The instant answer to this question is No. Discord doesn’t show the users read receipts. This also means that the messages shared over the platform won’t show the information on if it was read or not by the receiver.

The good news is that you don’t need to stress over anything linked with leaving people on read. This also doesn’t mean that Discord doesn’t provide other elements that can let you get away with reading the messages and deciding that you don’t want to respond.

Discord has some useful features like if someone is typing, or online and the games that you are playing. However, in case you attempt on trying not to seem available, then there are some Discord settings that you will have to change.

Can You See Who Is Typing On Discord?

Yes! Discord is going to show who has been typing. There are no changes in settings needed here, so this is also where one has to stay careful. Discord is going to show that you have been typing on both of the servers as well as private messages.

It is going to include the name and duration of typing. The notification is visible just below the message box and when you are typing actively over the keyboard. It will show the message both over mobile and desktop as well.

So in case you had been trying to not stay online, this is one of the discord features that will give everything away. As soon as one begins typing over a desktop or on your mobile it does broadcast that you had been looking at the message and also responding.

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