How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Caption and Bio

There is no denying that Instagram is one of the popular social media apps that come packed with a variety of exciting features. There is a lot of options to explore on this app, but when it comes to writing a caption right below the photo, Instagram does not allow you to add a line break for certain reasons.

add line breaks in instagram

If you have a lengthy caption that needs line breaks, then you might have to use third-party tools to get the job done. Instagram doesn’t have any direct option that could enable people to add line breaks in the caption within the app. In this post, we will walk you through a few easy and effective tips for adding line breaks in Instagram’s caption conveniently. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Caption and Bio

1. Facebook Creator Studio

Let’s start with the third-party apps. So, the Facebook Creator Studio is the app that allows content creators to schedule content posting on Instagram, Facebook, and other websites according to their convenience. You can post content on all platforms from the comfort of your device.

From carousels and IGTV to Instagram videos and stories, the Facebook Creator Studio can be used for scheduling posting for all platforms. It also allows you to add a line break in the Instagram caption.

2. Use Symbols

Have you ever tried using a symbol in the caption for breaking a line? Well, the strategy works wonders for those who need to continue the caption in the next line. In order to break up the text, you can add a full stop. Alternatively, you can use emojis in the middle of the sentences to break lines easily, whichever method works for you. Let’s check out the details of this method for breaking up your text.

  1. Write the intended caption in the Notes app on your smartphone
  2. Enter your caption
  3. Select Return two times in order to create a line break
  4. Add either a full stop or an emoji in the middle of the sentences

Pro Tip: Never leave any space after the paragraph, as it may mess up the caption.

3. Invisible Spaces

The invisible spaces can be copied from an external website and pasted in your caption. This method can prove helpful for those who need to add space to their caption without using any symbol or emoji. The invisible space offers you the easiest solution to add line breaks in the bio, caption, and wherever text-based content is required. You can add this extra space as many times as you want.

4. Instagram’s Built-in Text Formatting Tools

Not everyone wants to post the caption in the same font and style. You might want your caption to look bold and unique. That’s what Instagram’s built-in text formatting tools help you achieve. Check out the IG line break caption generator tool produced by Albert and copy your text.

Once you have entered the text, you could hit the format button to have your text formatted just the way you want. The method might not be as useful and efficient as the Creator Studio mentioned above, but it is definitely worth a try. It is comparatively easier than the text formatting tools.

Bottom Line:

Research shows that long-form content tends to perform better on social media, but what makes it frustrating for the users is the fact that you are not allowed to add line breaks in the caption. That’s why it’s really important that you use the best line break tools to write a lengthy post in a most impressive way. The above tips will help you add line breaks in the caption as required.

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