TikTok IP Address Finder – Find IP Address of TikTok Profile

TikTok IP Address Finder: TikTok has become quite an addictive app for viewers. Ever since it launched, people have been uploading tons of videos just to get one viral video that could make them the title of “social media influencer”.

tiktok ip address finder

While the app has a lot of entertainment features for the audience, it has a robust privacy policy that doesn’t allow people to invade the privacy of celebrities, fashion influencers, and content creators.

There is no denying that TikTok does not disclose any personal information of the user, except for the details you have shared through the bio. This brings us to an important question “is it possible to find someone’s IP address on TikTok”?

First things first, there is no way TikTok will reveal the IP address of a user without their consent. Even if TikTok has access to the IP address of a person, the company will not disclose it to anyone.

That does not mean you cannot find the IP address of a person on TikTok. All you need is the basic social engineering skills to find out the address of a person through their TikTok account.

Let’s face it – it is not easy. If people could track the IP addresses from someone’s TikTok easily, no one would trust the app. The privacy policy of TikTok is as strong as other social networking sites. The only way to get the IP address of a person on TikTok is by asking it directly from the user.

How to Find IP Address of Someone’s TikTok Account?

This method works only when you manage to get the TikTok user to click on the link generated by the IP-grabber website. This method is super simple and requires no technical skills. Use the IP grabber tool to shorten the IP-tracking link. Send this link to the target person through DM.

However, for this method to work, your target must be following you on TikTok. With that being said, if you want to track the IP address of content creators that are not following you on TikTok, this method will not work. The URL is to be used as the bait to get the IP address of the person. You only have to find the content or a website the person must be interested in.

Initiate a chat with the user and ask him to click on the link to watch the content they are interested in. As they click on the link, they will be directed to the IP address grabber and then redirected to the content. That way, they will never know you were trying to track their IP address. This method may work only with people you talk to.

As far as safety is concerned, you can rest easy knowing that using the IP grabber tool is absolutely safe and will not affect your privacy. Getting an IP address is not illegal. It is not considered confidential information, which means you can collect the IP address of just about any user on TikTok following the above-mentioned strategy.

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